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Children Across The Country Learn About Renewables In Vernacular

English, Afrikaans, Xhosa and Setswana speaking children across South Africa, are learning about the role that wind power is playing as the world transitions to renewable power for a cleaner, healthier planet through a beautifully illustrated story book, aptly named ‘Let the Wind Blow’.
The South African Wind Energy Association has taken the opportunity to make this book available in to schools, libraries or even just interested parents, both in print and electronic versions.
‘Let the Wind Blow’ is a children’s book that tells the story of how renewable energy, like wind, will help lead the energy transition. The collaborators are encouraging the translation of the booklet into as many language as possible, to increase awareness amongst children across the globe and South Africa is the latest country to come on board, alongside Poland, Holland, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, England and France.
“The amazingly insightful tale of the desire for a healthier planet, inspired by a conversation between two mums, a Polish wind advocate and a British journalist, as well as a talented young Iranian artist who brings the story to life, is a great way to gently teach our country’s young children about benefits of wind energy. The South African version has also been contextualised, which makes it easier for our children to relate to,” explained Ntombifuthi Ntuli, CEO of South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA).
Malgosia Bartosik, Deputy CEO of Wind Europe explains the importance of telling the story in a child’s home language so that the climate debate, that our world is facing, can be accessible to youngsters. “We all know children are the future and that they have questions that sometimes we, as adults, do not know how to explain. So, we are thrilled that this little book has received such positive feedback and enthusiasm and that it is already available in 13 languages.”
To download your copy of ‘Let the Wind Blow’ visit

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