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    The Green Housing CO


    From Greenfield to delivery and beyond in all real estate.

    More than 3 decades sustainable living environment experience

    •             27 Years of property development experience.
    •             Only bank approved advanced technology solar/gas powered housing


    •             100% solar and gas powered and ready to produce income.
    •             Flexible through design.
    •             Tried and tested with real units under construction.
    •             Ready to be ‘rolled into’ housing market on all price levels including

    multi-level structures.

    •             Fast efficient and insulated living.

    Foundation Construction and Insulation

    •             Vermiculite in the concrete introduces air pockets which prevent

    thermal transfer/penetration.

    •             Raft foundations mean solid for life, irrespective of soil conditions.

    Insulated Concrete block walling system

    Insulated walling system using a composite recycled XPS and concrete block.

    • 500% more insulated than brick walling.
    •             Superior system for multi level buildings due to wall strength.
    •             0% wastage..

    Double Glazing Window System

    •             Double glazing completes insulation of system to

    minimize energy wastage.

    •             Sound proof.
    •             Total energy efficiency

    Advanced and Insulated Roofing

    •             Acoustic and thermal insulation means comfortable living all year round.
    •             Thermal efficiency means less heating & cooling required.
    •             Light weight metal framing for trusses.

    Our Housing Concept

    •             Insulated structures using alternative building technologies.
    •             European insulative standards.
    •             100% Solar/Gas powered with battery backup for ‘off-grid’ capabilities.

    Sufficient Power to feed back into the Grid

    •             Strategic placement of solar and hot water heating system PV panels

    means aesthetically pleasing end result and over production of power

    to feed back into the grid means income producing installation.

    Total Resource Management

    •             Water management from rain water collection.
    •             Grey water treatment.
    •             Garden irrigation.
    •             Zero negative effects on the environment.


    •             Faster more efficient housing solution for long term savings and solution

    to housing crisis.

    •             Simple skills transfer process with training module to be developed and deployed to impact on job creation.
    •             Comprehensive approach means maximum benefits to all sectors of

    buildings and inhabitants.

    •             State of the art building systems constantly being upgraded as

    technology moves.

    •             Responsible management of renewable energy resources.


    Proposed media production to transform a property in possession (P.I.P.) Into an “off-grid” renovated home which is marketed through the entire process of ‘make-over’ via video footage.

    Scott Yancey and his wife, interior designer Amie Yancey, purchase low-priced houses in the Las Vegas Valley through their real estate brokerage, Goliath Company. The houses are then renovated with a low budget and a quick schedule in order to be sold as soon as possible, a process known as ’flipping’.

    Many of the houses featured on the series are presented as having been vandalized or unkept by the previous tenants, and thus are in need of clean-up or expensive repairs. Scott desires to spend as little money as possible on each house to achieve a maximum profit. However, Amie is passionate about her design choices and frequently makes expensive purchases on upgrades that are not budgeted, and often does so without informing Scott, which upsets him. Scott usually does not agree with Amie’s belief that such upgrades help to sell a house.

    In some episodes, Scott has a project manager oversee renovations for him. Because of various types of delays, workers typically struggle to get each house complete in time for an open house event, during which one of Scott’s real estate agents gives tours of the property to potential buyers. Throughout each episode, Scott, Amie, and others speak to the viewer through interview clips to provide information and opinions about each other and about the property featured in that episode.


    Regarding the show’s origin, Scott Yancey said: “I’m from the Hollywood area originally, and I was talking with some buddies who are in the industry. I was telling them how I had to pull my ’Glock’ out on some homeless guys who came at me with needles in one of the houses that was all boarded up. They’re like, ‘Man, you need your own reality show. We’ll make it like a commercial for your website or something.’ So I paid their expenses, and they gave it to another friend of ours, who gave it to a guy who worked at Lionsgate.

    The series filmed it’s pilot in 2009, under the working title of Last House Standing. The second season concluded filming in April 2012. As of November 2013, the show was filming its fifth season. Approximately 120 to 140 hours of footage was shot for each episode, which was then edited down to 43 minutes. Scott Yancey said, “The houses that are the worst to buy are the ones we save for TV because we know there’s a great storyline with it”

    Regarding the biggest misconception that viewers may have about the show, Scott Yancey said, “What the people see is us stressed in a house on an episode. What they don’t see is us doing five others at the same time.

    The TV show usually edits in the drama. They don’t see that an hour from now, we’re gonna be holding hands walking our dog somewhere. They edit it in a way that’s obviously going to be most entertaining. They don’t ever show me say ‘thank you, good job’ to somebody or show us going to a restaurant at night or in the summer on a beach.”

    Amie Yancey said, “The main thing is that in TV land, they speed everything up. They [the viewers] think, ‘Oh, wow, it’s a breeze. They come in, and it’s done.’ It takes a long time to put them together, to pick out the fit and finish and work on the quality. They only see a glimpse of it.”


    Highlighting to South Africa how to become Independent from the Electrical Grid by use of Renewable Energy Resources. By taking a home and converting it into an “Off-Grid” and sustainable living environment with reduced monthly costs while retaining one’s creature comforts.

    • Solar Conversion
    • Water Management Solution
    • Complete Energy Audit
    • Waste Management Solutions
    • Insulative Solutions

    These are The Green Housing Company’s Key Objectives when approaching the ‘make-over’ to the proposed project, over and above the industry standard of home renovations, i.e. Planning; Project Management; Procurement; The Build Process to Completion and Final Hand-over.

    The Green Housing Co. intentions are to document this entire process of Home Make-Over in a format indicative of a Reality Show and to reach out to the South African Home-Owner that there is a solution to become Energy Independent with Financial Assistance.


    Our commitment to sound project management principles of projects involve close consultation & interaction with our clients, architects, engineers and specialist consultants. This interaction & consultation demands constant reporting & occurs throughout the development from inception to design, design co-ordination & construction project management stages.

    Our track record & recommendations from clients reflect our commitment to strive for excellence in construction, architecture, interior design, project management and green consultations.

    We plan all projects ensuring the allocation of adequate & appropriate resources meet the specific requirements & program parameters of the projects that we undertake.

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