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INVITATION: Young Engineers Webinar Series

INVITATION – Paper Manufacturers Association of South Africa – The pulp and paper sector has partnered with the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) through the Sector Innovation Fund to promote research, development and innovation. 

DSI and the Research & Development unit of the Paper Manufacturers Association of South Africa (PAMSA) are co-funding R9 million for research and development of high-value bio-products from paper residues and waste streams over a three year period with Tshwane University of Technology, Vaal University of Technology, University of Pretoria and UNISA.

Their research projects will find application in agriculture, insect control, wastewater treatment and packaging. (Please find attached a summary of the various projects.)

Through this project, the chemical engineering students are working towards their postgraduate qualification. 

You are invited to a series of two webinars in which our students will present their research and how it aims to contribute to the circular economy, society and the sustainability of our sector.



  • 10:00-12:30


  • #BuildBackBetter through research and development – Sunita Kalan, Director: sector and local innovation, DSI
  • Mashudu Lipharama | Production of biodegradable packaging plastics from Dextrin//Nanocellulose/Glycerol/ Polyvinyl Alcohol blends
  • Bethuel Tselana | Melt Processible cellulose-based polymer blends
  • Farirai Matshaba | Starch-cellulose nanocomposite systems for mosquito larvicidal applications
  • Franco Pretorius | Biodegradable fruit fly attractant sheet from zein and nanocellulose
  • Thabang Mphateng | Cellulose-based polymers as controlled-release matrices for insect attractants and repellents
  • Justin Phillips | Starch-nanocellulose carrier materials for pesticide applications
  • Jane Molony, executive director, PAMSA


  • Hester Oosthuizen | Preparation of cellulose films, extrudates and fibres facilitated by mixtures of ionic liquids with choline chloride
  • Noma Malendza | Preparation of a novel controlled release fertilizer coated with cellulose, starch and diatomite
  • Nasreen Gardee | Hydrochar production from paper sludge through hydrothermal carbonization
  • Piter Nhambe | Application of hydrochar from paper sludge as a potential adsorbent for wastewater treatment
  • Lovejoy Dewa | Application of cellulose derivatives in wastewater treatment
  • Musamba Banza | Production of adsorptive filter aids for selective removal of heavy metal ions from wastewater using modified cellulose nanocrystals
  • Jane Molony, executive director, PAMSA

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