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Smarter Mobility Africa (SMA) Summit Announces Mobility Startup Awards to Drive Integrated Transport Innovation and Job Creation

The Smarter Mobility Africa (SMA) Summit, organised by the VUKA Group, is gearing up for its 5th edition, set to take place from 1-3 October 2023. The event will once again host the Mobility Startup Awards & Village, an integral part of the summit that offers a unique platform for startups to network, showcase their solutions, and create lasting impacts in the field of mobility and transport innovation.

The Mobility Startup Awards & Village at SMA Summit 2023 will be an exciting area bustling with innovative ideas, entrepreneurial spirit, and a dedication to creating solutions for local problems. With an impressive record of serving close to fifty startups in previous years, the Mobility Startup Awards & Village is all set to surpass expectations this year.

According to Ben Pullen, Group Director of Mobility at VUKA Group, “One of the key points of the Mobility Startup Awards & Village is that local problems often require local solutions. Startups, often spearheaded by individuals or small companies, identify issues within their communities and work to develop solutions to address them.”

He further emphasises the importance of nurturing innovation and collaboration within the mobility industry, stating, “A lot of innovation in the mobility sector happens on the ground with small and medium sized businesses, and startups play a pivotal role in building and trying out different solutions for the challenges they encounter. By supporting these startups, we can pave the way for integrated smarter mobility solutions across Africa.”

The Mobility Startup Awards & Village at SMA Summit 2023 aims to contribute significantly to the overarching theme of Realising Vision 2030 through Smarter Mobility. As Africa is only six years away from the ambitious 2030 goals set forth by various national and international development plans, integrated smarter mobility is essential to achieving these targets. Startups bring fresh perspectives and sustainable solutions, playing a crucial role in achieving these milestones.

Moreover, the Mobility Startup Awards & Village serves as a catalyst for job creation, local development, and growth in the mobility industry. Pullen emphasises, “With investment and export opportunities, the development of startups brings substantial job opportunities. The more startups that thrive, the more local jobs are created, ultimately benefiting the economy and supporting the 4th industrial revolution.”

The Mobility Startup Awards & Village provides participating startups with various opportunities to showcase their products and services. From exhibiting at their individual spaces to pitching their innovative solutions during the Mobility Startup Awards Africa pitching heats, startups will connect with investors, businesses, government representatives, and the media. Furthermore, SMA Summit 2023 plans to extend post-event support through mentorship, co-working space, and marketing support for startups to foster continuous growth beyond the event.

The summit is also expected to witness the presence of renowned investors, experts, and industry leaders who will share insights and knowledge with the attendees. While the organisers are working to finalize several partnerships specifically for the Mobility Startup Awards & Village, the Council for Scientific Research and Innovation (CSIR) has already confirmed their participation, further highlighting the importance and interest in supporting the development of startups in Africa.

“We are thrilled about the growing interest and participation from startups, businesses, and investors. SMA Summit 2023 is set to be bigger and more impactful than ever before, and we are excited to see the positive transformations and collaborations that will arise from this event. We have already received 10 applications to join the Mobility Startup Awards & Village for the limited 50 spaces we have for this year.” says Pullen.

The Smarter Mobility Africa summit 2023 promises to be an event that propels the mobility industry forward, fostering sustainable solutions, job creation, and innovation. With startups taking centre stage, the summit sets the trajectory for a more integrated and smarter future for Africa’s mobility landscape.

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