Hitachi Energy is ahead of schedule with its purpose-driven growth plan

Hitachi announced acquisition of remaining shares from ABB ahead of schedule further supporting Hitachi Energy’s 2030 Plan.

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In the true spirit of Mandela Day, ABB offers a lifeline to a young unemployed graduate

  • From 2020 to date, 60 graduates have been permanently employed at ABB
  • 80% of candidates from ABB’s training programmes have found gainful employment
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ABB celebrates women power in engineering

Science and gender equality are critical to achieve the UN Sustainable Global Development Goals. In 2021, ABB launched its Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2030 in conjunction with its Sustainability Strategy 2030 to engage the best talent to achieve its own sustainability goals. Diversity expands the skills pool, bringing fresh perspectives and creativity for more innovation to contribute to a better world. Through its people, ABB pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved.

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ABB nurtures female engineering excellence

  • ABB is committed to solving some of the biggest global challenges of our time
  • This is only possible through a culture of diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity as being critical to business success
  • It is all about teamwork, with the main focus being growing our business and brand together
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Turning on Earth Day with digital switchgear

  • ABB recognises that new solutions are needed to manage the pressures being placed on our environment
  • The reliability of switchgear is directly linked to the reliability of the entire power supply system
  • The latest trend is digital switchgear from ABB, which combines proven technologies with digital components and software solutions
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