The Power & Electricity World Africa 2020 agenda

Nov 408:30Conference pass

The energy world of tomorrow – Safe, affordable, reliable, clean

Keynotes·An evolving industry – what will future energy resources look like?·Affordable energy: game changing supporting technologies ·Capital investment and whats peaking investor interest ·Emissions and decarbonisation strategies ·Energy for the people: Making sure we delivery

Simbarashe Mhuriro

Simbarashe Mhuriro,Chief Executive Officer,Oxygen Energy ZimbabweNov 409:30Conference pass

Debate : Changing business models and the relevance of utilities in the future – how to survive and thrive in an age of technology


Baraka Kasali

Baraka Kasali,Chief Operating Officer,Nuru

Astria Fataki

Astria Fataki,Founder And President,Energy GenerationNov 410:00Conference pass

Panel: Gas opportunities for Africa in the Global Energy Transition


Elsie Mbugua

Elsie Mbugua,Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Elcy Investments Director,Leadwood Energy

Paul Eardley-Taylor

Paul Eardley-Taylor,Head-Oil & Gas,The Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd

Samson Muumba

Samson Muumba,Chief Executive Officer,First Icon Energy CorporationNov 410:00Conference pass

Panel: How to speed-up adoption in every element of solar

Solar- Understanding the market – Educating the consumer and large energy users- Highlighting the opportunities and saving

Assanatou Mahamadou Dite Tapa Cisse

Assanatou Mahamadou Dite Tapa Cisse,Clean Energy Business Development Associate, Board Member Of Afima,AFIMA

Cliff Nhandara

Cliff Nhandara,Executive Director For Rural Electrification,RURAL ELECTRIFICATION AGENCY

Aziz Fall

Aziz Fall,Director For Promotion And Cooperation,ANER- Agence nationale pour les energies RenouvablesNov 410:00Conference pass

Panel: Storage – the answer to peak demand, grid strength and integrating renewables

Storage- Making it happen- Financial requirements- ROI

Ahmed Elguindy

Moderator:Ahmed Elguindy,Research fellow,The German University in Cairo

Karen Breytenbach

Karen Breytenbach,Director,Juniper Advisors Ltd

Mashale Phumaphi

Mashale Phumaphi,Managing Director,Shumba Energy

Yannick Mvudi

Yannick Mvudi,Energy And Metering Specialist,Bidvest Facilities Managerment

Paul Vermeulen

Paul Vermeulen,Manager Dsm And Ssm,City PowerNov 411:00Conference pass

Committing to clean coal: Can coal only ever be dirty?


Joseph Essandoh Yeddu

Joseph Essandoh Yeddu,Ex-Director , Strategic Planning and Policy,Energy Commission, GhanaNov 411:00Conference pass

CSP Technology, design, maintenance and monitoring practices: Are utilities ready for this?


Mohamed Saied

Mohamed Saied,General Manager, Electrical Engineering Department,Abu Qir Fertilizers & Chemical Industries Company (AFC),Nov 411:00Conference pass

The Flow battery: A new frontier in the storage space


Chavan Dabeedin

Chavan Dabeedin,Transmission And Distribution Manager,Central Electricity Board MauritiusNov 411:30Conference pass

Panel: West Africa project spotlight


Chikwerem Obi

Chikwerem Obi,Head Policy And Strategy, Renewable Energy, Research And Development,Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC)

Kévin Zossi Sanou

Kévin Zossi Sanou,Energy Transition Missions Manager,Ministry of Energy

Joseph Essandoh Yeddu

Joseph Essandoh Yeddu,Ex-Director , Strategic Planning and Policy,Energy Commission, Ghana

Judicaël Léonce Eugène Anvane-Obame

Judicaël Léonce Eugène Anvane-Obame,Deputy Director Of Energy Control,Ministry of EnergyNov 411:30Conference pass

Panel: On-Grid, Off-grid or Hybrid- Which solar system is the best for you


Thomo Lekagane

Thomo Lekagane,Engineer,Women in EnergyNov 411:30Conference pass

Panel: The rise of battery storage solutions: why and how the impact of global lockdowns is driving this boom


Ahmed Zobaa

Ahmed Zobaa,Fellow Of African Academy Of Science Author – Handbook Of Renewable Energy Technology,BRUNEL UNIVERSITY

Kevin Robinson

Kevin Robinson,Board of Advisors,African Solar Industry Association

Nelisiwe Magubane

Nelisiwe Magubane,Advisor,AMEU

Fabio Scala

Fabio Scala,Managing Director,Further Markets LimitedNov 412:30Conference pass

Tariffs versus solvency: is the future of the utility looking bleak?


Ariel Mutegi Mbae

Ariel Mutegi Mbae,Chief Engineer – Network Audit,Kenya Power & Lighting Co.LtdNov 412:30Conference pass

Unlocking the potential of grid integration in the solar power generation


Assanatou Mahamadou Dite Tapa Cisse

Assanatou Mahamadou Dite Tapa Cisse,Clean Energy Business Development Associate, Board Member Of Afima,AFIMANov 412:30Conference pass

Government incentives in driving growth of battery storage


Suzane Mumba

Suzane Mumba,Power And Network – Electrical And Electronics Engineer,TANESCONov 413:30Conference pass

Panel: Global Energy Transition and what it means for Africa


  • Impact on Policy and conducive regulatory regime for the Global Energy Transition
  • Impact on Energy Project Financing and access to finance by Project Developers
  • Impact on Electricity Utility Operating Model
  • Emerging opportunities for distributed energy resources
Bertha Dlamini

Bertha Dlamini,President,African Women in Energy and Power

Prisca Soko

Prisca Soko,Chairperson,SADC Women in BusinessNov 414:00Conference pass

Panel: Achieving a balanced and sustainable energy portfolio


Paul Wambugu

Paul Wambugu,Chief Innovations Officer,Kenya Electricity Generating Company

Knox Msebenzi

Knox Msebenzi,Managing Director,Nuclear Industry Association Of South Africa

Des Muller

Des Muller,Managing Director,Nu Energy DevelopmentsNov 414:00Conference pass

Panel: Retail renewable models and market offerings…What’s on the menu?


Ahmed Elguindy

Ahmed Elguindy,Research fellow,The German University in CairoNov 415:00Conference pass

The Regulation Front- the utility and regulator perspectives


Ziria Tibalwa Waako

Ziria Tibalwa Waako,Chief Executive Officer,Electricity Regulatory AuthorityNov 415:00Conference pass

The new dawn of electricity- utilities in 2020


Aziz Fall

Aziz Fall,Director For Promotion And Cooperation,ANER- Agence nationale pour les energies RenouvablesNov 415:00Conference pass

The economics of utility scale energy storage services


Alidad Moaveni

Alidad Moaveni,Senior Partner And Chief Operating Officer,AllMerus Energy LtdNov 415:30Conference pass

Energy Systems Integration: An Evolving Energy Paradigm, The shape of things to come


Lamya Youssef Abdel Hakim

Lamya Youssef Abdel Hakim,Head Of Studies And Design Sectors,Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company EETCNov 415:30Conference pass

License vs registration: A holistic view of the small scale regulatory framework


Alfred Liboko Bin Gele

Alfred Liboko Bin Gele,Director Of Renewable Energy,Ministry of EnergyNov 415:30Conference pass

Battery storage: Hype, hope and analysis


Amadou Kane

Amadou Kane,Coordinator,Ministry of Energy SenegalNov 416:00Conference pass

Panel: The opportunity of peer-to-peer trading and micro generation in Africa


Ariel Mutegi Mbae

Ariel Mutegi Mbae,Chief Engineer – Network Audit,Kenya Power & Lighting Co.Ltd

Hiten Parmar

Hiten Parmar,Director,uYilo eMobility Technology Innovation Programme

Olalekan Oregbesan

Olalekan Oregbesan,Head ICT,National Power Training Institute of Nigeria (NAPTIN)Nov 416:00Conference pass

Panel: High performance delivered! Achieving great results with Solar Photovoltaic Integration


Mai Mohammed Elhafez Ali Hassan

Mai Mohammed Elhafez Ali Hassan,General Manager for International Cooperation,Ministry of Electricity and Energy

Wessam El Baz

Wessam El Baz,Adjunct Assistant Professor,The American University in Cairo

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GreenCape partners with international foundation to support cleantech

GreenCape, a non-profit organisation based in Cape Town has partnered with the Solar Impulse Foundation based in Switzerland. Through the International Clean Network (ICN) they will go through the process of choosing 1000 clean and profitable solution that can contribute to protecting the environment. GreenCape will act as the contact point in South Africa in order to assist local cleantech companies to apply to join the Solar Impulse Foundation 1000 Efficient Solutions Label portfolio.

Swiss explorer and psychiatrist Bertrand Piccard founded the Solar Impulse Foundation after his round-the-globe solar flight. He decided to find, select and promote 1000 cleantech solutions that have both positive economic and environmental impacts on the world. Piccard aimed to show the economic opportunities from clean technologies. 

It is through the ICN collaboration that GreenCape and the Solar Impulse Foundation have been able to support the development and implementation at scale of clean technologies and encourage decision-makers around the world to adopt impact-oriented environmental regulations and energy policies.

 Companies with new cleantech solutions have been encouraged to apply for the #1000Solutions label. Once the solutions have been labelled, the Solar Impulse Foundation provides support on six specific levels, on an international scale: 

  • better access to market,
  • more appeal to financial investors,
  • support in advocacy work,
  • feedback from industry experts,
  • more credibility and
  • greater global visibility. 

Identifying solutions

Solutions are categorised according to the five following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

  • SDG 6 Clean Water and Sanitation
  • SDG 7 Affordable and Clean Energy
  • SDG 9 Industry Innovation and Infrastructure
  • SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production

 Assessing solutions

Solutions are assessed from a technical and financial standpoint, and in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Feasibility (Credibility or Design & Scalability)
  • Environment (Environmental Benefits)
  • Profitability (Clients’ economic incentive & Seller’s profitability)

Labelled solutions will undergo a rigorous assessment based on a verified methodology and against several criteria performed by external independent experts. Once labelled, solutions join the #1000Solutions portfolio and access exclusive benefits, such as events, business and investment opportunities, and communication support.

GreenCape, a member of the International Cleantech Network, supports the Solar Impulse Foundation’s mission by encouraging cleantech companies in its local ecosystem to submit their solutions to the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label. Jarrod Lyons, Investment Promotion Officer at GreenCape, is the local Solution Scouter. Companies that are interested to find out more can get in touch at jarrod[at]

Applications can be done directly via the Solar Impulse Foundation website (Please reference International Cleantech Network) –

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Cleaner and greener the AfriSam way

AfriSam has long led the charge in the cement sector for a cleaner environment and continues to develop and conduct a range of initiatives to maintain the momentum toward a greener planet.

This has a special significance as South Africa is among the world’s largest and fastest growing carbon emitters, according to Nivashni Govender, environmental specialist at AfriSam.

As far back as 2000, AfriSam introduced Project Green Cement to actively reduce its CO2 emissions.

“The country is one of the top ten CO2 emitters in the world when measured per capita,” says Govender. “This places a huge responsibility on the cement manufacturing sector to be proactive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

Having established its own environmental department as early as 1992, and developed an environmental policy just two years later, AfriSam has gone on to innovate a number of air quality management improvements. Upgrades in cement kilns and emission filters have led to AfriSam generating some of the lowest dust emissions recorded in Africa.

“Our ongoing focus on alternative fuels and resources (AFRs) has allowed us to steadily reduce the amount of coal burnt in our cement kilns, which in turn contributes to lower CO2 emissions,” she says. “For instance, we have developed and implemented process modifications to allow us to co-process scrap tires in our Dudfield plant – a strategy that also contributes significantly to addressing the environmental hazards posed by bulky tires when they are disposed of in a landfill.

“Rehabilitation and biodiversity at our quarry sites is also a priority, and as early as 1986 AfriSam formed the first trust of its kind specifically to cater for rehabilitation costs on closure – even before this was a legislated requirement for mines,” she says. “Our current strategy of concurrent rehabilitation – in which we conduct rehabilitation as we mine rather than waiting for closure before we start – has proved very effective both from an environmental and ecological perspective, as well as a cost perspective.”

AfriSam’s focus on biodiversity involves detailed and ongoing research to measure the environmental impact of operations on species of flora and fauna, and steps to protect and foster biodiversity where necessary, especially where species are protected by law or endangered.

“Environmental protection also has implications when it comes to aspects of cultural heritage, which we take very seriously,” says Govender. “We initiated a process several years ago to conserve an area of underground caves that were discovered at one of our then active quarries near Sterkfontein in Gauteng – part of a World Heritage Site.  As AfriSam we decided that the value of this contribution to our cultural heritage and scientific knowledge far outweighed any income the quarry could generate for the company.  Working with partners at the University of the Witwatersrand, we are handing over this valuable national treasure for scientific and public use, while continuing to support its maintenance.”

Nivashni Govender is AfriSam’s Environmental Specialist.

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