KITE 2022 explored solutions to get industry back on track

The KwaZulu-Natal Industrial Technology Exhibition (KITE) took place at the Durban Exhibition Centre recently and provided a bird’s eye view on the major industrial players across the country-and it was undeniable that industry and technology are thriving despite the global pandemic.

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Turnkey demolition services for industrial and mining facilities

Jet Demolition has undertaken large-scale heavy industrial demolition work cross-border for the past 20 years

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RS to showcase IoT and food safe products at NAMPO 2022

RS Components, a global omni-channel provider of industrial and electronic products and solutions, will be joining hundreds of exhibitors at this year’s NAMPO Harvest Day in Bothaville.

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Hybrid energy solutions that meet Africa’s commercial, industrial, and utility-scale needs

Eskom’s tariff increases, revised self-generation thresholds, and continued interruptions from load shedding have confirmed the business case for renewable energy alternatives if ever this was in doubt.

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Oxygen shortage amid Covid-19 second wave has affected industrial production

Covid-19 has had a significant negative impact on businesses across all sectors and taken a toll on healthcare systems and facilities in South Africa. In recent weeks, there have been news reports of a high demand of medical oxygen, putting immense pressure on oxygen suppliers and affecting industrial supply.

In an attempt to assess the scale of the oxygen shortage, the Steel and Engineering Federation of South Africa (SEIFSA) surveyed its member companies to establish their experiences around oxygen shortage within the metals and engineering (M&E) sector and to understand the impact of the shortage on their production levels and whether alternative measures were being sought regarding input supply chains.

According to the survey results, which was sent to all 1 600 companies that are members of SEIFSA through its affiliated Associations, 76.92% of the respondents said they had experienced oxygen shortages and had considered alternative supplies in the process. Several companies whose analytical instruments use oxygen had to alter their inspection regularly to reduce consumption and find alternative supply, in one case at a cost of R4 000 per bottle versus the standard cost of R140 per bottle.

Some of the respondents mentioned that they were at risk of running out of oxygen within 14 days. Others said the impact had been so severe that they had to apply for extensions on their projects or stop production altogether.
“Based on the views of the respondents, SEIFSA is of the view that the oxygen shortage has, indeed, disrupted industrial production. However, we concur with our respondents who believe that lives need to be saved, hence the supply of medical oxygen should be prioritised,” said SEIFSA Chief Economist Chifipa Mhango.

He said, however, the SEIFSA survey indicated that the issue of oxygen supply is a concern as the Covid-19 pandemic persists. He said it is clear that the second wave had placed a strain on sectors heavily reliant on oxygen as a result of the high rate of daily hospital admissions. He said that going forward, strategic interventions and engagements will be required with oxygen suppliers to salvage the crisis.

“However, with the Covid-19 vaccine rollout soon to be implemented in the country and a managed approach by Government to reduce Covid-19 infections, we expect a return to normality in oxygen supplies in the coming weeks and months as hospitalisation rates decline,” Mhango concluded.

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Afrimat Cape Lime is one of the leading lime producing companies in South Africa

Afrimat Cape Lime is one of the leading lime producing companies in South Africa which produces high quality lime products.

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