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Why study at Cranefield College?

Wherever you are based, you can participate in live online classes and complete all assessments required to earn your certificate, diploma, or degree, through technology-enhanced distance learning.

Qualifications are internationally esteemed, and many Cranefield graduates have excelled on the world stage. The College has consistently been regarded as meeting world-class standards, including H+ recognition in Germany, which is the highest academic status that universities are accorded.

Cranefield has conferred PhD degrees (NQF L10) on exceptional students globally. Cranefield’s qualifications have enabled its graduates to thrive in top positions locally and internationally. Many students/alumni are based, inter alia, in Africa (particularly South Africa), the EU, the USA, Dubai, Qatar, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Cranefield Academy of Knowledge is a division of Cranefield College and offers a wide range of short courses online. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) short courses form part of the offering. Lectures are conducted using the best available online digital education technologies. This makes it possible for students to enrol and study from anywhere in the world.  Our short courses support many sectors of the economy and are focused on the leadership, management, and governance needs of private and public organisations.

Cranefield recognises that employers prefer employees to have job-relevant education and training in order to improve their competence. Employers need employees who possess the necessary skills required in order to be of immediate benefit to their organisations. The most notable accolade received from students is that they can immediately apply the knowledge gained, in their work contexts. This ‘practice while you learn’ philosophy is why Cranefield has a profound competitive edge.

Cranefield College is ISO-9001-certified, and all its academic programmes are accredited and registered by the Council on Higher Education and the Department of Higher Education and Training. Academic programmes range from an Advanced Certificate, Advanced Diploma, Bachelor of Business Administration, Postgraduate Diploma, and Master’s Degree, to the PhD in Commerce and Administration. Classes are streamed live online, allowing local and international students to interact with lecturers in real-time, regardless of their geographic locations.

Students can subsequently also view online recordings of the classes. Moreover, Cranefield’s wide range of short courses can be customised for in-house organisational purposes. Cranefield College teaches its students how to develop the mindset and behaviour to be successful. Also central to their learning is how to achieve organisational performance excellence.

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