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GreenEconomy.Media is a media company focused on policy, thought leadership, best practice, technology and innovation in the green economy in South Africa and regionally. Our aim is to facilitate sustainable growth by bringing together businesses with providers of products and services, information, capital and other resources through an innovative distribution omni-channel. We believe that once presented with knowledge and information, decision-makers will make the right choices.

Our content communicates the fundamental issues and facilitates the action needed for a more environmentally responsible production into the future. We aspire to advance the green economy by creating powerful, responsive and measurable media platforms that deliver insight and intelligence on all sustainable matters; as well as unparalleled access to buyers and sellers of green economy-related goods and services.

GreenEconomy.Media engages its audience through a multi-layered approach on various platforms using crafted content that is nurtured by first-hand experience, influential insight and expert content. Content is supplied by the market: delivering consummate entry to highly focused sector knowledge. Our sectors include infrastructure and building, energy, technology, food and agriculture, mobility, business and industry, mining, water and waste.

Our strategic editorial drives profitable action. By aiming for an improved content architecture that produces a superior class of information, providing relevance and profound value to the reader: the need is met, the response is spurred. Community focus and involvement is our core objective.

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