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Green Economy Journal

The Green Economy Journal broadcasts stories of innovation, success and thought leadership that are advancing us towards a greener economy. 

The green economy is the sum of all rands changing hands in the pursuit of reducing negative environmental and social impacts and advancing positive impacts. It cuts across all sectors and flows up all value chains, from infrastructure and service delivery to renewable energy, water and the circular economy; from mining, processing and manufacturing to agriculture, food processing and retail; from transport and logistics to construction, financial services, IT and communications; from tourism and conventions to leisure and entertainment. All actions, services, and projects that advance environmental sustainability make up the green economy. Building, energy, environment, mining, industry, waste, mobility, tourism, water, agriculture and lifestyle.

Green Economy Journal’s objective is to highlight stories of innovation, success and thought leadership that are advancing us towards a greener economy.

The South African economy is currently at a crossroads. Can we crystallise our energy policy, overcome the power crisis and in the process catalyse new investment across the economic spectrum and rejuvenate employment opportunities in all sectors? Quite apart from this one seminal question, many business and public sector leaders have been transforming their operations from conventional to smart new approaches, leap-frogging to brand new technologies, best practices and standards.

These stories are what Green Economy Journal is all about.

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Green Economy Journal responds to customer, commercial and commerce shifts. Our media platforms serve our marketing partners

Content is supplied by the market: delivering consummate entry to highly focused sector knowledge. Our strategic editorial drives profitable action. By aiming for an improved content architecture that produces a superior class of information, and provides relevance and profound value to the reader: the need is met and the response is spurred.

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We amplify our clients’ messages through authoritative marketing, advertising and outreach campaigns; by leveraging our communication channels and national network of sustainability advocates, journalists and social media influencers. Our content is segmented by user groups, source feeds and other key filters and turned into meaningful business acumen.

We create bespoke solutions that ensure maximum impact for the advertiser’s brand integration and recognition

GreenEconomy.Media is focused on intellectual influence, proven methodology and leadership in the South African green economy. Our aim is to facilitate sustainable growth by bringing together businesses with providers of products and services, information, capital and other resources through an innovative distribution omnichannel. We engage our audience through a multi-layered approach on various platforms using crafted content that is nurtured by first-hand experience, influential insight and expert content.


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