Purpose Partners Convert Waste to Good

What started as a small, but impactful recycling initiative among 13 schools during lockdown, has boomed to 100 schools thanks to the involvement of new partners.  The schools are collecting yoghurt tubs which are upcycled to create 500 school desks, and in so-doing,19 tons of plastic are diverted from landfill. 

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Nine in ten emerging farmers still struggling with lockdown

Debates around the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic tend to revolve around the struggles of the corporate organisations.

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Unique pilot programme boost for recycling sector reeling from the Covid-19 lockdown

  • In a post-lockdown boost for informal reclaimers, a Joburg pilot programme shows positive results, including empowerment of reclaimers and boosts to the city’s recycling rates
  • 66% of reclaimers in pilot reported increased recycling support from households
  • Informal reclaimers participated in the programme via the African Reclaimers Organisation (ARO)
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Wrap it before you touch it. How a new startup is making touch-safe again

South Africa has entered Level One of lockdown.

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