Adidas South Africa set to open its most sustainable store at V&A Waterfront in Cape Town

As a continuation of its commitment to sustainability, adidas South Africa is opening its most sustainable retail space at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town on Friday 29 October. Taking inspiration from nature, the 478sqm adidas Concept store is centred around a biophilic design, aimed at bringing the outdoors inside.

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Timber façade rises from sustainability ethos

Driving down Dock Road in the direction of the Watershed at the V&A Waterfront nearing the One and Only hotel to the right, one cannot help notice the impressive and completely unique engineered timber pleated façade warmly cladding the Waterfront’s newest building which is currently under construction on the left. 

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V&A Waterfront’s Radisson Red Hotel building is the new green

No. 6 Silo building receives star environmental rating from the Green Buildings Council of SA

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V&A Waterfront unveils “theatre to food making” incubator

The V&A Waterfront is pushing ahead with a ground-breaking plan to develop a visionary and local food community incubator starring South African flavours and culture, which will create jobs and act as a powerful incubator for the food industry.

Makers Landing, as it will be known, is the next phase of an overarching plan by the V&A Waterfront to develop the Cape Town Cruise Terminal area. When it is complete, Makers Landing will add a further 4,348m2 to the existing cruise terminal developed by the Waterfront in 2015 for Transnet. The original terminal was a small industrial building on the edge of E-Berth that served as a pre-cooling facility for fruit exports, whereas today passengers from cruise ships are greeted by a state-of-the-art facility.

V&A Waterfront CEO David Green explained that Maker’s Landing will be a new space for new ideas to flourish. 

“It will capture the rich story of South African cultures, foods, flavours and food producers for locals to enjoy and for visitors to discover. We are repurposing what was a cold storage facility into a food incubator that will generate in excess of 150 much-needed jobs and will build connections between foodpreneurs,” said Green.

Given the seasonality of the cruise industry, the R63-million multi-use Makers Landing development will encourage year-round activity in the port area. The new facility is in walking distance from the Waterfront’s Silo District, so it is expected to attract footfall from within the Waterfront, as well as those who work from the Port of Cape Town harbour. It is a short water taxi ride from the Cape Town Convention Centre.

Green explained that this idea was inspired by the success of another food incubator around the world. He added that this would provide food at affordable prices while creating employment. 

“We are incubating opportunities on a platform that lends itself to year-round operation, offering food at very accessible prices, with the opportunity to turbocharge interest during peak tourism season when local and international visitors flock to the Western Cape,” said Green.

Makers Landing plays an important role in development

Green explained that the Jobs Fund saw employment potential in their plans for Makers Landing. 

“There is an obvious synergy between our vision for Makers Landing and the Jobs Fund mission, so we are really pleased to be partnering with them. We were also able to present our popular Watershed development as proof that when SMMEs are placed in a nurturing environment with the right trading conditions, they can thrive,” said Green.

The Head of the Jobs Fund, Najwah Allies-Edries, explained that the V&A Waterfront provided the perfect environment for caters, local producers and quality food start-ups to grow their businesses efficiently and easily under the mentorship of seasoned professionals who are successful in commercial spaces. 

“It is these intangibles that are fundamental in equipping and empowering SMMEs to overcome hurdles to development while effectively accessing real market opportunities,” Najwah Allies-Edries said. 

Building Makers Landing

In keeping with Cape Town’s historical roots as a Tavern of the Seas, the new space is being developed as part of the Cape Town Cruise Terminal. It has always been the V&A’s goal to preserve the heritage of the area, so from the outset, the development team aimed to incorporate the gritty, industrial fabric of the harbour into the development while enhancing the marine experience.

Backing onto the Cruise Terminal’s Departures Hall, Makers Landing retains the existing structure that dates back to the 1920s and its original harbour warehouse aesthetic. The building is a mere 15m from the quay edge, so glass windows will allow visitors to relax in restaurants as they watch ships enter and leave the harbour, and cruise ships dock at the quayside in front of them.

Although the lockdown delayed construction at Makers Landing, the development team is confident it will complete the structure of the building by September. This will be followed by the interior work to configure the space to fit a shared incubator kitchen, a demo kitchen, eight maker production stations, a food market with approximately 35 flexible market stands, eight small co-op eateries and five anchor restaurants of various sizes.

Makers Landing will open to the public in December 2020.

Tenant applications

The V&A Waterfront is calling for applications from small food businesses, entry-level to top chefs, food producers and everyone in between. In addition to clear talent, the curators’ focus will be on authentic South African foods and diversity, quality and freshness, variety of flavours, ethical and local sourcing, and affordability and value. Anyone wanting further information about the space can download an application form from

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