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These are strange times indeed. Covid-19 has put the whole world, and our usual patterns of mass consumption and production, on pause.
And while we all do our bit to flatten the curve on this global pandemic by staying home, it’s a good time to clean up and sanitise our environment and review our recycling behaviours:
1) Develop a new and sustainable habit.
2) Separate all your recyclables from your wet waste and keep them aside, either for your local reclaimer – who will be extremely grateful to have recyclables available at the end of the lockdown period – or to drop off at your closest drop-off point when you are able to do so.
3) Separate your recyclables – it’s easy to identify PET plastic soft drink and water bottles by the Polymer Identification Code 1 near or on the bottom of the packaging.
4) Sign up online for a recycling service in your area once our national lockdown is over.
5) Teach your children about recycling as part of your home-schooling efforts. Learning how and why they should recycle is one of the essential life skills they will need to move forward as future custodians of this brave new world.
We can all do 1 thing – recycle. (And don’t forget to wash your hands!)
Stay safe and well,
The PETCO Team

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