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Abeco introduces a fully automated in-house powder coating line 

Consistently leading the water tank industry, Abeco Tanks has invested several Million in a state-of-the-art automated powder coating line which is now operational at its manufacturing plant in Johannesburg, South Africa.

“We are proud to introduce our fully automated powder coating line designed specifically for water tanks,” says Abeco Tanks COO, Mannie Ramos Jnr.  

Today in SA a water tank is a necessity for most businesses. Tanks dot our landscape from urban backyards to corporate rooftops, hospitals to business parks and increasingly the landscape of our countryside. Although unanimously an essential aspect of our future buildings, water tanks remain a life-saving eyesore.

Blending these structures into their surroundings provides its own challenges such as being limited by what materials can be used, the additional cost of the aesthetics and having to ensure the water can still be stored safely.

Abeco Tanks, a pioneer of water storage solutions for nearly 40 years, sought out a solution that would make its water tanks more aesthetically pleasing. Over the last few years Abeco began the process of researching and developing a high-quality solution together with experts and equipment providers from Europe, America, Germany, and South Africa, investing several Million in a state-of-the art production line.

The tanks are still manufactured in Abeco’s manufacturing facility using high quality steel and precision technology, whereafter it goes into the powder coating facility. The automated process has many stages which ensures the corrosion protection on panels are long lasting,  and is up to par in quality with other coating protection. From cleaning, shotblasting, primer, heating, top coat, heating, and cooldown, the process is automated and operated by well-trained employees to ensure a high-quality product.

“It is important that the coating must be applied correctly, and our R&D included rigorous testing to ensure the tank is suitable for drinking water and the external coat can withstand harsh UV conditions,” adds Ramos Jnr. “A welded tank needs to be coated every five years, however our Powder Coated tanks have a 30 + year’s life span.”

There are many advantages of powder coating including the use of aesthetically appealing colours – the powder coating can even be matched to a company’s corporate colours – and stickers can now be placed on tanks for advertising purposes, which was not possible with traditional steel tanks.

In addition, Ramos says that because the powder coating can be done locally, lead times are quicker due to faster production, and costs are reduced because there are no shipping costs or exchange rate issues.

Abeco’s powder coating line also opens up the storage market to include wastewater, digesters, mining water, fire tanks and more, and it can be used for dry storage,” says Ramos Jnr.

Abeco is trusted by many clients the world over to build long-lasting durable water tanks. They have a reputation for being innovative and forward thinking and according to Ramos Jnr., investing in this plant will provide many opportunities in the countries Abeco operate in including the Middle East, Central America, Seychelles, Mauritius, Madagascar and the African continent.

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