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ADIDAS, Blossom Care Solutions and Safe-Hub join forces to tackle period poverty in Gugulethu

Blossom Care Solutions is excited to announce the launch of its new sanitary pad production facility in Gugulethu-Manenberg, Cape Town. The launch of the facility is a collaborative effort between Blossom Care Solutions, adidas and Safe-Hub who share the objective of combating period poverty and supporting female entrepreneurship. As part of the holistic Safe-Hub ecosystem, the facility is advocating for diversity, equity and inclusive local economic development.

“We are thrilled to launch the Blossom Gugulethu facility in partnership with adidas and Safe-Hub and continue our mission of combating period poverty,” says Shamiela Sarlie, Managing Director at Blossom Care Solutions. Blossom Care Solutions is a mission-centric social enterprise established with the goal of combating the lack of access to sanitary pads and promoting menstrual health awareness in township -, disadvantaged -, and rural markets.

In South Africa, a staggering 83% of young girls and women lack access to essential menstrual hygiene products. This statistic underscores the widespread issue of period poverty, which has a particularly significant impact on girls and women in township and rural areas.

The partnership between Blossom, adidas, and Safe-Hub was initiated when Safe-Hub approached Blossom with a proposal to set up a production facility in Gugulethu.

Safe-Hub’s dedication to improving young people’s access to opportunity and services in structurally disadvantaged areas coupled with Blossom’s vision to establish small black-owned, women-led businesses under a social franchise model that create jobs for young women between the ages of 18 and 34 and the added support of an esteemed brand like adidas was a match made in heaven.

“Blossom Care Solutions share our commitment to female empowerment, job creation, and addressing the issue of period poverty. This facility is now becoming an integral part of the Safe-Hub ecosystem with its holistic approach to youth and community development,” says Sipho Mgobozi, National Safe-Hub Operations Manager.

Global sports brand, adidas, pledged financial support for the development of a Blossom Care facility at the Gugulethu Safe-Hub after being introduced to the organisation a few years ago.

Kate Woods, Senior Brand Director at adidas South Africa, explains: “Right from the beginning, we were inspired by Blossom Care’s women-centred approach to addressing period poverty in the heart of communities that need it most. We’ve seen how a lack of access to menstrual hygiene products affects school attendance but also, how it has an impact on participation in sport, which ultimately affects both the physical and mental wellbeing of young girls. This facility will keep girls in school and allow them to continue playing their favourite sports. It will change so many lives.”

The launch took place on 25 October 2023 at the Youth Cafe in Gugulethu. The purpose of the event was to create awareness around the partnership’s social and business objectives and highlight the importance of community upliftment and job creation in alleviating period poverty. The representatives from Blossom, adidas, Safe-Hub, along with the local ward councillor and the Women Empowerment and Community Development Sector Manager, were in attendance and each delivered a speech at the event.

“Through our partnership with adidas and Safe-Hub, we hope to make a significant impact on the lives of young girls and women in Gugulethu, while also empowering them through sustainable job opportunities,” concludes Sarlie.