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ADR Access, a first-of-its-kind legal-tech platform for speedy dispute resolution launches in SA property sector

ADR Access, developed by legal expert turned tech entrepreneur Frank Stanley, has released the first end-to-end legal-tech alternative dispute resolution platform in South Africa. The platform is focused on streamlining dispute resolution in the property sector.

The legal-tech platform provides individuals and businesses access to a cost-effective, reliable, and user-friendly solution that assists in resolving legal disputes, within record time, outside the courtroom or the CCMA. Property experts can enjoy hassle-free legal dispute resolution that limits financial risk and potential reputational damage when a dispute arises. 

“I have witnessed first-hand, over many years, the inefficiencies and unnecessary frustrations caused by cumbersome bureaucratic legal processes. I decided to channel my 35 years of legal expertise and leverage the power of technology to build a platform that ensures access to justice. Legal disputes get resolved effectively, speedily, and cost-effectively with ADR Access,” said Frank Stanley, Advocate, Founder and Registrar of ADR Access.

Property sector agents, agencies and those in the rental sector can register on the platform within a few minutes and immediately log a dispute. Once registered, users include the ADR Access clauses in their agreements, allowing them to quickly resolve mandate, commission and lease issues online. Everything from arbitration to final award is managed through the platform from anywhere where there’s an internet connection is available.

The platform is a pay-as-you-go system where users save up to 50% on legal fees. Users purchase dispute credit packages. Once a user (Applicant) creates a dispute and sends it to the Respondent, a credit gets deducted from the sender’s account. A credit covers all facets of the legal dispute process until the Con or Pre-Arbitration meetings.

Dispute resolution process

Hearings get heard using online video conferencing unless instructed by the Registrar and agreed to by both Parties (Applicant & Respondent). If there is no settlement, the dispute goes before an arbitrator for a pre-arb meeting within ten days. If the Parties cannot settle, the dispute gets set down for a hearing within the next five days, and an Award gets finalised within the following seven days. ADR Access resolves most matters within 21 days from the dispute’s creation date.

“The development of online meeting solutions, like ZOOM, has improved the potential for rapid legal dispute resolution when driven by a legal-tech platform like ADR Access. Technology is the key to ensuring that justice is not delayed or denied and that people get their day in court without wasting time and money,” concludes Frank.