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African-Led Impact Investment Solution Launched for Global Investors

Thrive Africa creates a platform to invest in a greener, more prosperous, and inclusive Africa.

One of the longest standing and most experienced fund managers in sub-Saharan Africa, African Alliance Asset Management, has joined forces with Tshikululu Social Investments, a leading social investment manager and advisor, to offer global investors a unique Impact Investment offering for Africa.

Impact Investments are defined as investments that are made to generate a measurable social and environmental impact alongside financial returns.

Given Africa’s unique and urgent challenges, Impact Investment provides a practical and promising approach to providing much needed resources to assist with achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Africa, including those focused on employment, infrastructure, energy, education, clean water, agriculture and others.

By bringing together decades of experience in Financial and Social Impact expertise, African Alliance and Tshikululu have launched Thrive Africa to deliver sound financial returns and measurable impact for international investors.

“Thrive Africa is a single-point solution for impact investment across sub-Saharan Africa and allows investors access to a wide range of economically attractive impact with real return in a low-yield global environment,” says Nicholas Piquito, CEO from African Alliance Asset Management.

This unique partnership – between two African companies founded by Africans – draws on the strengths and experience of both partners, working hand-in-hand on every deal and investment. Tshikululu will be responsible for social impact due diligence on all prospective deals, and impact measurement and management on all approved investments. African Alliance will complete financial due diligence on all companies, and track financial performance as well.

“The first fund will provide loan finance to impact businesses across the continent working on financial inclusion, infrastructure and clean energy” says Tracey Henry, Tshikululu’s CEO. “By working with these companies, Thrive Africa will provide a platform for investors to be part of building a greener, more prosperous and inclusive Africa.”

African Alliance and Tshikululu are now in the process of fundraising, as well as engaging with various impact businesses. The partnership aims to make its first investments in the coming months.

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