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ANTARCTICA: Ultima Antarctic Expeditions Announces Exclusive 250 Seats for the Upcoming Season   

In a rare opportunity to explore one of the most untouched landscapes on Earth, Ultima Antarctic Expeditions ( has announced the availability of only 250 seats for its upcoming Antarctic season, beginning in less than five months. 

With limited availability, guests depart from Cape Town, South Africa, to inland Antarctica in just 5.5 hours, seamlessly blending two of Earth’s most desirable destinations. Intrepid explorers can opt for a 7-day Emperor Penguin Expedition or the 24-hour Ultima Day. Of the 250 expedition seats available, the most exclusive are just 100 seats for the ultimate experience: The South Pole and Emperors ExpeditionTailor-made Antarctic experiences are also available. 

Ultima’s Expeditions include visits to ancient ice walls and ice caves, providing unparalleled experiences to observe penguins in their natural habitat or the pinnacle experience of an expedition to Earth’s geographic South Pole. 

Purpose-Driven Journeys Cross-Funding Scientific Research

Ultima’s Antarctic Expeditions are not only a giant leap into adventure but also a significant footprint in support of ongoing scientific research on the world’s most remote continent. 

Each guest taking up one of these limited 250 expedition seats will travel alongside scientists already headed to Antarctica, indirectly offsetting their leisure trip by cross-funding the logistics of ongoing scientific research programs. 

“We see our expeditions as creating future Antarctic Ambassadors, helping to protect and preserve this precious place,” says Ultima Antarctic Expeditions CEO Riaan Aucamp. “Furthermore, every activity is officially permitted, so the types of visits we offer are tightly controlled. All types of waste stemming from such visits are carefully collected and transported back to South Africa,” adds Aucamp.  

“Visiting Antarctica is more than just a destination – it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience like visiting a different planet, other-worldly. Every one of our expedition guests has returned feeling like a true Antarctic Expeditioner – following in the footsteps of Antarctic heroes.  We are deeply proud to offer these unique experiences to people who wish to join the ranks of our authentic explorers,” says Aucamp.   

Adventure seekers, unique experience hunters, passionate nature and wildlife-loving photographers, or eco-warriors looking to explore the unknown will need to act fast to secure their place on this expedition, which opens in November 2024. Spaces are expected to fill rapidly. 

For bookings and more information, contact our dedicated team of Antarctic travel experts today by emailing Don’t miss your chance to be part of this extraordinary journey while having a positive impact on the world of scientific exploration.