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ASEZ volunteers plant wild olive and fruit trees in Hlangabeza High School

On Sunday, 7  April 2024, more than fifty ASEZ volunteers planted 30 trees at Hlangabeza Primary School, Carletonville. In partnership with the Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (GDARD), the youthful volunteers of whom most did not have prior tree-planting experience or knowledge, joyfully gathered on what initially looked like  a cold and rainy morning to carry out an impactful volunteer activity.

ASEZ is a group of university student volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God who act to solve practical problems around the world. The group organizes events and activities to address pressing needs in communities around the world. As future leaders, ASEZ unites students, communities and governments to create real and lasting change through the SAVE Movement. The work of ASEZ takes place in more than 175 different countries.

The tree-planting marks the beginning of ASEZ and the provincial government’s various tree-planting activities on various identified areas in Carletonville. Sydney Ntuli, Senior Scientist from GDARD, who also actively joined the volunteers and demonstrated tree-planting techniques, commended the volunteers and motivated them for more of these campaigns.”You have done a great job today and I hope to work with you on many of these initiatives.”

Gabriel Lecwamotse, ward 10 committee member who was also representing the ward councillor, also expressed his gratitude to the volunteers. “On behalf of the councillor and the community, I would like to say thank you so much for your contribution and dedication today. It means a lot to the community. I also hope there will be many more of these here in Carletonville”.

Thando Matutu, ASEZ leader, also thanked his fellow volunteers and all stakeholders involved. “I would really like to thank our members and all external parties who made this possible such as the provincial government and all members of the community who joined and welcomed us here today. And also a special thanks to Outsurance who donated these trees. As ASEZ, we truly believe by being united, we can make a greater impact and solve practical problems.

People are suffering from disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, terrorist attacks, wars, and climate catastrophes caused by climate change. ASEZ believes all these challenges depend on young adults and university students who are the leaders of future generations.