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Introducing new real estate podcast, Fitzanne’s Property Exchange

Pearl Scheltema, host of Fitzanne’s Property Exchange

Designed to keep you informed and captivated whilst sharing the latest news in the South African residential property market, Fitzanne’s Property Exchange offers a reputable, relatable voice in the busy world of real estate. Hosted by industry veteran Pearl Scheltema, CEO of Fitzanne Estates, the podcast invites a wide range of experts to offer tangible advice and inspiring, actionable steps for achieving success in this fast-paced industry.


An accessible source of knowledge

Through meaningful conversations with a variety of stakeholders, Fitzanne’s Property Exchange brings listeners pragmatic, realistic advice and guidance. Guests range from experienced property investors, to professionals within the property management, legal and financial services. These voices, combined with the Fitzanne’s team’s combined experience of more than 80 years in the industry, make for an easy-to-follow, enjoyable and invaluable listen. 

Knowing that no two days in the real estate business are the same, Pearl isn’t afraid to dig deep into each episode’s topic, offering listeners a comprehensive and in-depth take on a variety of matters. Highly relevant content, tailored to the current climate and realities of the industry, is delivered through a 20-minute chat that makes it easy to imagine you’re in the room, joining in in the conversation. 

Building the next generation of industry leaders

With several local podcasts covering broadly the same subject matter, it’s this personability and relatability that makes Fitzanne’s Property Exchange so unique. Through an unwavering diligence and passion for informing and educating, Pearl and her team aim to connect listeners to experts in the field and inspire the next generation of industry leaders.

Through conversations with investors, experts, sectional title scheme executives and stakeholders, you’re invited to listen to their stories and make them your own. Whether you’re a seasoned property professional, or just starting out, Fitzanne’s Property Exchange is bound to offer a helping hand. 

Subscribe to Fitzanne’s Property Exchange, available on, YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes, and discover the best way to stay up to date with the latest property news.  

Send your questions, topic requests and queries to Do you have a property industry story you’d like to tell? Contact the team at Fitzanne Estates to discuss being featured on the show as a guest.

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