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CEEPSA Unifying the equestrian and equine industry

Did you know that the equine industry in South Africa comprises of approximately 330 000 horses, with over 60 different career paths that you can follow? It is an industry that is represented across income brackets, from the lowest to highest earners.

The Council of Equine and Equestrian Professionals South Africa (CEEPSA) is a non-profit company, recognised by SAQA as a professional body, and aims to unite the industry, by sharing expertise, empower and unite a traditionally fractured industry

“We have ascertained that approximately 500 000 people are dependent on income within this industry,” shares Diane Pieterse, Director of Communications, Education and Assessments at CEEPSA.

“CEEPSA is committed to participating in the South African National Development Plan 2030, by facilitating education and skills learning opportunities and to helping school leavers find a career in an industry that is stimulating and through which they can fulfil their aspirations.

“We want to shift the thinking from ‘education for employment’ (developing the ability to do a specific job); to ‘education for employability’ (developing the ability to adapt acquired skills to new working environments). New education and training systems must be able to support the notion of an adaptable workforce,” shares Pieterse.

There are over 60 exciting career opportunities available within the equine and equestrian industry. Some of these are: professional groom, equine veterinarian, horse dealer, mounted police, equine photographer, jockey, equine farrier (a smith who shoes horses), horse box manufacturer, loriner (a maker of small iron objects, such as bits, spurs, stirrups, and mountings for horse’s bridles), and even a hippotherapist. This type of therapy entails physical, occupational and speech therapy that utilizes the natural gait and movement of a horse to provide motor and sensory inputs and used for patients with physical and mental disorders.

Everyone within the equine and equestrian industry is encouraged to have their knowledge and skills certified and to join CEEPSA as a recognised Equine or Equestrian Practitioner. “It is our aim to secure a country wide minimum international standard of certified horse care; driving and riding. We believe that South Africa should have an equine and equestrian industry with professional integrity.

“The certification can be by way of formal learning or informal learning. Informal learning would be assessed by the method, recognition of prior learning.

“When someone joins CEEPSA, they are demonstrating to clients, employers, government and the public at large that they are serious about their commitment to the equine and equestrian field. They are, for instance, not merely a riding school owner, instructor, equestrian tourism guide or competitive rider but a professional who is knowledgeable about their field that deserves community recognition,” explains Pieterse.

When you join CEEPSA, you become part of a community. Each professional needs supporting group services because certain activities are undertaken more effectively and efficiently jointly than if undertaken alone. CEEPSA seeks to provide people within the industry with these services that they cannot find elsewhere.

People within the equine and equestrian industry are encouraged to join CEEPSA and build a professional equine and equestrian community. For more information on CEEPSA visit or or call 083 495 1929

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