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CESA reiterates its call for a paradigm shift in governance – one that prioritises ‘action over promises’ post-SONA

As the nation grapples with multifaceted challenges, the importance of collaboration and decisive action cannot be overstated. In response to State of the Nation address; Chris Campbell, CEO of the Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA), emphasises the imperative for tangible actions over rhetoric to bolster economic growth and address pressing issues faced by South Africans.

He acknowledged the strides made by various government initiatives as highlighted during SONA. “CESA commends the government’s commitment to professionalising the public service, a crucial step towards building an effective state and combating corruption, patronage, and inefficiency. Additionally, CESA recognises the significance of improving the energy, ports, and rail infrastructure, as well as modernising logistics systems.”

Further, the introduction of new funding mechanisms to drive infrastructure development is a positive step towards addressing critical infrastructure needs. “Moreover, CESA applauds the focus on fostering the growth of the renewable energy sector, which aligns with sustainable development goals and enhances energy security for the nation.”

However, Campbell believes progress must be measured against the stark realities experienced by citizens daily.  “The time for honest dialogue is now, as we collectively confront the gravity of our situation and commit to bold, unified action.”

CESA emphasises the urgent need for leadership in South Africa characterised by an unwavering dedication to serving the public. “South Africa requires leaders who prioritise the welfare of the nation above personal gain, embodying a spirit of true service to the people. Only through selfless dedication and a genuine commitment to the public good can the nation overcome its challenges and chart a path toward sustainable growth and prosperity.”

Echoing CESA’s stance, Campbell emphasises the importance of a government that “translates policy into action”. In conclusion, CESA reiterates its call for a paradigm shift in governance—one that prioritises ‘action over promises’, unity over division, and service over self-interest.

“As a nation, we stand at a pivotal juncture, where decisive action and collective effort can pave the way for a better future. CESA remains committed to fostering collaboration, advocating for accountable leadership, and working tirelessly toward a South Africa that fulfils its promise of prosperity for all its citizens.”