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Continuous heavy rainfall boosts water levels in the Integrated Vaal River System

Following widespread rainfall this week, the integrated Vaal River System (IVRS) is overflowing, a week ago, the system was sitting at 102.8%, this week it has improved to 105.8% which is huge increment in comparison with same period last year which was 99.4%.

Water levels at one of the major dams in the IVRS, the Vaal Dam has surged significantly this week to 116.8% from 107.3% last week. The overflow of the dam resulted in the opening of twelve (12) sluice gates, this is done to reduce the water level within the dam.

One of the dams that has soared significantly week on week is Bloemhof, expanding from 101.0% last week to 107.8% this week, the dam was a bit higher than current levels at 107.9%, this has resulted in an outflow of 1200 cubic meters per second by Wednesday morning.

Grootdraai Dam dropped from last week’s 106.5% to 100.8% this week, during the same period last year the dam was sitting at 101.5%. Sterkfontein Dam has been holding steady for a few weeks increasing marginally from 101.4% last week to 101.6%, a year ago it was sitting at 102.1%.

Mohale and Katse Dams in the neighbouring Lesotho remained in good condition this week although there is a slight decrease, Katse Dam decrease slightly from 101.6% to 100.6%, last year, it was at 100.0%, Mohale Dam also remained stable at 104.4% this week albeit down from last week’s 104.8%, same period last year it recorded 70.9%.

The Department continues to urge downstream communities to be cautious and vigilant to avoid loss of lives and properties particularly when dams release water.