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Cova Advisory partners with Climate Legal to offer a comprehensive Carbon service

There is now a one-stop-shop for SA companies seeking a full range of consultancy services on the complexities of the Carbon Tax.

Carbon tax experts Cova Advisory have teamed up with Climate Legal, who are experts in all the legal aspects of environmental and carbon legislation.

“This is a logical and practical link-up,” said Cova co-founder Tumelo Chipfupa.

“It will ensure that clients of both advisory firms can receive speedy and comprehensive advice and support.”

Climate Legal Director Olivia Rumble also welcomed the tie-up.

“The Memorandum of Understanding between us and Cova, which we have both just signed, is of enormous mutual benefit,” she said.

“We have built up expertise in the legal aspects of the climate change, carbon tax, and greenhouse gases while the Cova team is skilled in the taxation and measurement and verification side.”

Cova co-founder Duane Newman noted that this latest link-up forms part of a wider strategy to expand Cova’s offering to clients.

“Where it makes sense, we seek partners who enable us to upgrade our overall offering, allowing us to focus on what we do best, with the comfort that we can tap into the expertise of our partners where it is needed.

“This new alignment with Climate Legal slots another piece into the jigsaw, closing all the gaps, and enabling us to boost the level and range of support we can provide to clients.

“The mutual respect between the two parties gives both sides confidence that we can maintain the highest standards, while further diversifying the scope of our offering.”

Climate Legal Director Andrew Gilder added that “we and Cova are both expanding, dynamic and highly regarded advisory firms.

“The sum of the parts in this new arrangement will be greater than the whole.  It will help both of our firms to expand both the range and the professional quality of the services we offer.

“The Carbon Tax is big and will get bigger. By taking the right advice, companies can potentially save many millions of rand.   

“Other changes can be expected in the environmental tax landscape, and we must be fully armed to meet these challenges, to provide up-to-date support to companies.”

Tumelo Chipfupa added that “there are many potential pitfalls for any companies which do not properly do their homework in dealing with the Carbon Tax.

“We have seen a growing demand for our expertise, and together with Climate Legal we expect to grow our joint share of the market for these niche consulting services.”