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Designing a Positive Future

Logitech’s FY22 Impact Report

Logitech’s 14th annual Impact Report shares the latest progress toward its goal of Designing a Positive Future, one that defies the logic of the past to create a more equitable and climate positive world.

We Only Have One Planet, We Must Save It

It’s time to take urgent action, raise awareness, and address the climate crisis that is impacting humanity’s future. Currently Logitech is on track to achieve its goals of becoming climate positive by 2030 through focused carbon reduction and renewable electricity efforts. This year, the company marked an important milestone when it became certified carbon neutral in 2021 across its entire product portfolio and value chain.

“We are pushing boundaries to help restore our planet by reducing our carbon impact first, using renewable energy sources, rethinking circular economies, and investing in restorative efforts. We have challenged ourselves to take bigger and broader leaps and it’s abundantly clear that we need to do more to reduce our collective carbon footprint and do it with urgency,” explained Prakash Arunkundrum, Global Head of Operations and Sustainability.

One of the key strategies for reducing carbon emissions is the integration of Design for Sustainability (DfS) principles into the development of new and existing products. Core to DfS is the introduction of new materials, components, and processes to ensure that every generation of Logitech products, experiences, and services are better than the last, with a reduced environmental impact. One in three products is now made with 2nd life materials that use someone else’s waste as our raw materials and would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. Low-carbon aluminium was introduced into products for the first time, and the use of paper-based packaging instead of single-use plastic contributes to responsible packaging initiatives.

Our Power Is In Our People

Inspired by people’s potential and creativity, Logitech is embracing and celebrating possibilities that extend human capability. None of that is possible, however, without prioritizing culture and community. In 2021 Logitech intentionally acknowledged a commitment to become a psychologically safe organization by 2025, with the goal of becoming known globally for an inclusive environment, diverse base of people, and commitment to equity.

“Together we can drive big change. We are inspired by breaking down barriers, growing a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion, and collaboration with innovative partners to drive systemic change towards a just and equitable society,” said Kirsty Russell, Head of People & Culture.

Core to achieving that ambition is supporting underrepresented and underserved communities. In 2021 LogiCares, the company’s social impact program, connected employees to more than 1,100 non-profit organizations, where they contributed both time and money. In addition, the Logitech Cares Fund, a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) with the Tides Foundation, contributed $4.4M to organizations with a shared mission such as AbleGamers, GLAAD, Girls Who Code, and Scripps Oceanography.

For more about Logitech’s progress, and to read the full impact report, please visit us.