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Even during the midst of the Covid crazy years, when businesses must survive downturn, sustain losses or in some cases shut down, DSV set in motion the development of one of their biggest projects in South Africa to date.

In 2019, construction began on DSV Park in Pomona, Kempton Park, in South Africa’s Gauteng province. Designed as a strategic, multi-disciplined logistics hub, the entirety of the project, in terms of size, equals about fifty-five rugby fields! Each functional unit was itself ground-breaking for DSV: the logistics warehouse at about 80,000m2 is three times the size of any other they have put up in RSA. The 32,000m2 crossdocking facility is double the size of any other they currently had at the time. Add to these the 10,000m2 office block, and the extent of the site along with concrete hardstands 130 000m2 will truly leave anyone in awe of the magnitude of this facility.

Aiming for completion in January 2021, DSV acquired the likes of DG Consulting, WBHO and applicator CHC-SA Concrete Floors with PrimX Jointless Flooring Technology to realise this target. During the flooring phase, a durable dry shake surface hardener was specified for all internal surface beds. While SikaFloor®-3 QuartzTop was not initially specified, it was proposed as an alternate solution. Its recent successes and impressive track-record enabled a speedy approval for use on the project. Essentially a mineral dry shake floor hardener, it is a one-part, pre blended, (coloured to spec) hardener for concrete comprising cement, specially selected quartz mineral aggregates and admixtures.

The SikaFloor®-3 QuartzTop was applied with a spreader, at 5kg per sqm. It was then power floated to achieve a smooth surface finish, followed by a 14-day wet curing. An impressive total of 130,000m2 of surface area was treated with SikaFloor®-3 QuartzTop (Natural) in 72 days.

While DSV Park provides a key pivotal point aligning DSV with their clients, so too has Sika come to the fore (or floor, in this case) for their customer. The sheer scope and scale of the entire project, compounded with the nuances of Covid and 2020 lockdowns, presented a formidable challenge to all contractors and suppliers alike. In providing a cost-effective hardener, offering excellent impact and wear and abrasion resistance, and a host of other advantages, Sika are proud that their SikaFloor®-3 QuartzTop is, quite literally, helping to support this entire DSV facility.

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