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First functional greenhouse launches inside a mall in South Africa

In a first for South African indoor retail, Cape Town based, artisanal terrarium creator Anea will be launching its products inside a custom, conservatory styled greenhouse.

The structure forms part of the We Are Egg concept store that launches this week. 

Until now, Anea’s sought-after, hand-crafted terrariums have only been available online and in Cape Town for inland enthusiasts. Creator Denny Mo is excited about the new development. He said: “It’s been a dream in the making, taking nature into a retail space requires a lot of preparation, a greenhouse is necessary to maintain the landscape we keep on our terrariums.”

Anea has a Cape Town presence, also at We Are Egg in Cavendish Square, Claremont.

Said Mo: “We are obsessed with nature, so much we want to find a way to contain it. To do so we must first understand the micro-environment. Then we recreate it in our geometric glass. We want to share the beauty of a landscape and micro-environment with everyone. We don’t pot plants in pots, we house landscapes in geometric glass. It’s the key to what makes u different.”

To create the perfect terrarium, Mo studied landscapes and macro environments to be able to replicate it in small environments to great success.  Presently the Anea range includes Desert Terrariums, Woodland Terrariums, Modular Herb gardens and automated, technologically infused to mimic sunrise and sunset in beautiful, miniature landscapes.

Anea Terrariums have become fixtures in homes and offices around the country.

The greenhouse is sizable at 4 x 7m and situated strategically next to a window area to ensure it gets as much natural light as possible. It also does not share the same air-conditioning system as the mall as the central heating system is too harsh for plant growth and has its own automated misting system to maintain humidity.”

Anea also now offers long term rentals for offices, hotels and retail. Offering maintained terrariums where trained professionals come in weekly to keep the terrariums fresh and transform working spaces into living wonders.

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