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Food Packaging Systems becomes a SAVA member

The Southern African Vinyls Association (SAVA) has welcomed Premier Attraction 114 cc (trading as Food Packaging Systems) as one of the latest corporates to sign up as a member of this Producer Responsibility Organisation representing the local vinyl industry.

Founded in 2003, Food Packaging Systems is a Johannesburg-based company that specialises in the manufacturing of different sizes of vinyl clingfilm, which they supply to the food industry.

The owner of Food Packaging Systems, Unuss Asvat, explains that vinyl food wrap is the preferred clingfilm of supermarkets, caterers and the food industry because it clings to itself and to the food containers to create a tight seal. 

“Vinyl food wrap is the clingfilm of choice used by supermarkets, caterers and the food industry, as it clings to itself and to food containers in order to form a tight seal. Our product maintains the freshness of the food by preventing air and moisture from coming in that could cause spoilage,” says Asvat.

Upon learning about SAVA’s Clingfilm Compliance initiative earlier this year, Unuss was keen to become a member in order to align his company with international standards and norms for health, safety and environmental quality.

Asvat explains that they are often asked about possible health risks due to migration levels, the use of harmful substances and so on. He added that being a part of SAVA’s Clingfilm Compliance Initiative will give their customers the peace of mind and guarantee that the raw materials, intermediates and substances used have been Food Approved. 

“Furthermore, independent testing and audits performed by SAVA will confirm that our company complies with Good Manufacturing Practices and that we use correct and approved labelling codes together with “Intended Use “information,” Asvat explains. 

Once all the audits are completed, Food Packaging Systems’ clingfilm will be allowed to display SAVA’s Vinyl. Product Label, as well as the Association’s Food Contact, Approved stamp.

Asked what other benefits he hopes to get from his SAVA membership, Unuss says that he is excited about the networking opportunities with other members and that he looks forward to being exposed to diverse players in the local vinyl industry. 

“It is also encouraging to know that, from now on, we will enjoy the full backing and support of an industry Association when we need it!” he concludes.

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