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Game-changing initiative to fight youth unemployment in the township

Youth unemployment is the single biggest threat to the future of South Africa. According to Errol Freeman, CEO of Lulalab, pilot projects can provide an innovative solution to address the high unemployment rate among young people in the township.

To address the rate of unemployment in the township, Lulalab initiated the Letsatsi Water Project, a programme that will create jobs and improve living conditions in township households.

“The project is implemented to improve the living conditions and hygienic practices of township households while creating jobs in the process,” says Freeman.

The Lulalab Early Employment Support programme was born in 2016 as a sister organisation to Lulalway Holdings, in order to focus exclusively on social impact projects and increase their reach and impact within communities.

“We find innovative ways to create sustainable jobs for youth while solving the country’s pressing social problems, like skills shortage, entrepreneur support and sanitation. We are committed to lasting impact so all our solutions are research-informed and meticulously monitored.”

Errol Freeman, CEO of Lulalab

The Early Employment Support programme successfully executed its first project late last year in Hopefield, Soweto, where they installed gravity solar geysers to 25 houses.

Freeman says this programme is a significant impact to the youth unemployment crisis. This opportunity can create new jobs and change lives at household and community level.

“The proposed intervention aims to provide an innovative solution to address the current challenges facing people daily in the townships and to assist in providing unemployed township youth with the opportunity to manufacture, install and maintain gravity-fed solar-powered geysers within their communities,” concludes Freeman.

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