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Higher performance and connectivity features with new SACE Tmax XT

  • Industry-leading electrical and mechanical features deliver safety, reliability, and quality
  • Extreme performance and protection features up to 1600A
  • Designed for maximum ease of use, integration, and connectivity

Higher performances, protection, metering, and connectivity features up to 1600A are features of the newly launched SACE Tmax XT, which extends ABB’s range of moulded case circuit breakers (MCCBs). The MCCB range has been designed for maximum ease of use, integration, and connectivity, and is built to deliver safety, reliability, and quality. The range offers thermomagnetic, electronic, and Display/Touch trip unit technology.

Installation has been simplified to increase user-friendliness, frames have been streamlined to save space, and improved connectivity such as Bluetooth and Ekip Connect all save considerable time. Another additional benefit is the reliable cloud connectivity and overall increase in information available, meaning diagnostics and maintenance are vastly improved to reduce downtime.

Veron Maharaj, Product Marketing Specialist, Low Voltage Circuit Breakers at ABB

“Our entire selection and ordering process has been overhauled to make it far easier for customers to procure the parts they need, speeding things up by about 30%,” says Veron Maharaj, Product Marketing Specialist, Low Voltage Circuit Breakers at ABB.

Tmax XT replaces ABB’s current range of MCCBs (Tmax T). This product line provides electrical protection capabilities for currents upto 1600A, 690VAC. It complements the complete Low Voltage (LV) circuit breaker range from ABB, namely its Air Circuit Breakers (ACBs), which covers current rating from 6300A down to 1600A, 690V AC, thereafter supported by the Tmax XT MCCB range.

Industry-leading electrical and mechanical characteristics were incorporated into the design of the new Tmax XT range. The shift to digitisation and IoT has also influenced major changes in terms of connectivity. The ABB MCCB range now supports main industrial communications protocols such as Modbus, Profibus, and DeviceNet™, as well as Modbus TCP, Profinet, EtherNet/IP and IEC61850.

Combined with the world’s most precise electronic trip units in the smallest frames, the new range protects plant investments and ensures continuity of service. With the new Tmax XT series, ABB continues to evolve its offering, building on the success of the innovative Emax 2, the industry’s first smart air circuit breaker. SACE Tmax XT sets new standards for plant and energy management. The XT family’s built-in connectivity links smartphones, tablets, and PCs to data analysis tools on the ABB AbilityTM cloud platform in real-time.