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Huawei pledges to work with partners in the renewable energy era

Huawei Digital Power held its FusionSolar 2023 Channel Partner Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa, during which the tech giant released its latest sustainable energy solutions for residential and industrial applications.

Xia Hesheng, President of Huawei Digital Power Sub-Sahara Africa

Xia Hesheng, President of Huawei Digital Power Sub-Saharan Africa Region, spoke of the global importance of achieving carbon neutrality, and of countries’ pursuit of energy sovereignty. He outlined the huge commercial value of the PV industry which is driving the accelerated development of clean energy. Xia believes that businesses can choose to focus on short-term targets, but that this isn’t always a winning strategy. If you want to do conduct long-term business, you should consider technology, quality, safety and service, all of which will contribute to the development of the industry in the long term.

Huawei is the only vendor in the industry that provides full-scenario solar solutions. As a leading vendor in the ICT industry, Huawei’s digital power brings unique value additions to the transformation of the energy industry based on the 4Ts: Bit, Thermal, Watt, Battery technologies. This means that for the long-term development of the PV industry, Huawei can provide partners with a strong support in “innovative products, high quality and high safety, excellent service and premium brand”.

Huawei is always mindful of the needs of its partners based on profitability, simplicity, enablement and ecosystem (PSEE), through various means including its cooperation platform and marketing and enablement support as well as incentive programmes, which enable partners to connect with Huawei more closely.

Xia Hesheng said that over the past two decades, Huawei has established a solid foundation in Africa and built information connection services on the continent. In the coming two decades, Huawei will work with partners to provide ubiquitous energy services in Africa.

Chen Guonuang, President of the Huawei Smart PV Product Line

Chen Guoguang, President of the Huawei Smart PV Product Line, outlined trends in the global smart PV industry, including growth in smart string inverters for which Huawei is the principal promoter globally. Chen outlined Huawei’s commitment to increase R&D investment in smart PV, to bring low-carbon and cleaner green energy to more people, families and organisations.

Huawei released the new “residential” solution at the summit focused on providing households with solutions to power outages with a full series of inverters, energy storage and backup boxes, supporting seamless switching between different power supplies. The system provides users with a more flexible, secure and reliable power backup experience, while at the same time making the installation process simpler and more efficient.

For industrial and commercial users, Huawei released its new energy storage product, LUNA2000-200KWH, which features security and efficiency, simple O&M and added power revenue.

At the summit, Huawei also shared the channel policy and new incentive plan of 2023 with partners, and some of the partners shared their experience of cooperation with Huawei.

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