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Husqvarna redefines safety and performance with new, locally crafted chainsaw pants

Imagine a scenario where lightning-fast reflexes aren’t enough to repel looming danger – a moment that necessitates a safeguard before conscious thought kicks in. Such moments are all too common in the realm of chainsaw operation, making Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) an unwavering necessity. While many conscientious chainsaw users employ essential PPE gear, such as helmets and gloves, a vital component often remains overlooked – protective pants. Astonishingly, studies reveal a stark reality: just under half of all chainsaw-related injuries target the legs. This is why Husqvarna, a global leader in outdoor power products, decided to introduce an essential addition to their arsenal of protective gear – the Husqvarna Chainsaw Pants.

Crafted with meticulous care in South Africa, the brand-new chainsaw pants represent an embodiment of Husqvarna’s unwavering dedication to exceptional craftsmanship and unrivalled innovation, and more importantly, to safety. Added to this, it showcases Husqvarna’s commitment to supporting local industry.  Pieter Smuts, Husqvarna South Africa’s Managing Director says that the chainsaw pants were a ‘Passion Project’ for him and that Husqvarna South Africa purposely chose to use local manufacturers. “South Africans are talented, resourceful, innovative and our new chainsaw pants epitomise our faith in the synergy between innovation and local ingenuity.”

As champions of safety and comfort, the Husqvarna chainsaw pants are designed for protection. Certified Class 1 – 20M/S, they courageously face chainsaw speeds of up to 20 meters per second. Meeting the ISO 11393-2 international standard, Husqvarna Chainsaw Pants assures an unmatched safeguard, catering to both homeowners and professionals in forestry, arboriculture, farming, and the realms of green space management. Tailored sizing, ranging from waist size 77 to 132, weaves a tapestry of custom fit, fusing flexibility and comfort into a seamless union.

Going beyond conventional safety measures, Husqvarna Chainsaw Pants are also constructed with flame-retardant and acid-repellent materials, providing comprehensive protection against chainsaw-related hazards and environmental risks. Additionally, their water-resistant properties enhance their versatility, making them indispensable for professionals working in demanding conditions.

Amid such innovation, seasoned tree professional, Charles Henderson says, “In my line of work, safety is paramount. These pants strike the perfect balance between protection and comfort, empowering me to work with utmost confidence.”

“This unveiling is not just another product release, it is a commitment – to innovation, to safeguarding, and to the journey of those who rely on chainsaws to shape the world around them,” Smuts concludes.

Husqvarna Chainsaw Pants are available through certified Husqvarna Dealers or can be purchased directly from the official Husqvarna eCommerce site: [].