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Inspired Schools embarks on groundbreaking solar energy project at all its schools in South Africa

Inspired Schools South Africa, a leading educational institution committed to providing uninterrupted learning experiences, is excited to announce its collaboration with a highly reputable and well-known engineering company for a major solar energy project. This initiative aims to mitigate the effects of load shedding and drive the adoption of renewable energy, ensuring uninterrupted learning for students.

The solar energy project, scheduled to commence in September and expected to be completed by December, represents a significant step towards reducing the institution’s reliance on the national power grid. By harnessing the power of the sun, Inspired Schools South Africa is taking proactive measures to combat the challenges posed by load shedding and promote sustainable energy solutions.

Inspired Schools South Africa has enlisted the services of a highly regarded engineering company, renowned for its expertise in renewable energy solutions and successful implementation of large-scale projects across the African Continent as well in Europe. With their extensive experience and technical proficiency, the engineering company will oversee the design, installation, and maintenance of the solar energy system at all 11 of its schools in South Africa.

The rollout of this groundbreaking solar energy project will involve the installation of cutting-edge solar panels and large-scale lithium batteries across our schools’ campuses. These panels will generate clean and sustainable electricity, ensuring uninterrupted power supply during load shedding periods. By embracing renewable energy, Inspired Schools South Africa is not only mitigating the effects of load shedding but also reducing its carbon footprint and contributing to a greener future.

Ravi Nadasen, CEO Africa at Inspired Schools, says, “By adopting renewable energy solutions, we are taking proactive steps to provide uninterrupted learning experiences for our students, even during challenging times. This project aligns perfectly with our commitment to sustainability and our dedication to preparing our students for a future driven by renewable energy.”

Inspired Schools South Africa’s solar energy project represents a significant investment in the institution’s commitment to uninterrupted learning and sustainability. By embracing renewable energy solutions, the institution is setting an example for other educational institutions and the wider community, inspiring them to prioritise uninterrupted learning and adopt environmentally friendly practices.

Inspired Schools South Africa is a leading educational institution dedicated to providing quality education and ensuring uninterrupted learning experiences for students. Committed to sustainability, Inspired Schools South Africa strives to integrate eco-friendly practices into its operations and curriculum, empowering students to become responsible global citizens.

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