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Interview Opportunity: How SMEs can ramp up for a busy season

Irrespective of sector or region, customer value is a non-negotiable factor for SMEs. The owner of a small enterprise needs to understand and deliver on the customer’s demands and find a way of bridging various challenges to get to this end goal.

We can make an expert in the SME services sector available to chat to you about how players in specific segments of the SME economy have to manage unique challenges as they try to ramp up for a busy festive season.

Tom Stuart (Chief Marketing Officer at Lulalend) can speak to you about what their practical experience has shown is the unique challenges facing players in construction, manufacturing, retail and wholesale, and ITC. How does access to funding address the challenges these players face?

Businesses that can’t incentivise sales for existing and prospective clients, will lose them to competitors who can do this. Creating better customer value will help grow a business and go a long way in building a reputable brand that customers recognise and love.

Tom is available to discuss these points in detail.

Should you be interested in scheduling an interview, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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