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Introducing RhinoBoard® plasterboard, now with EcoTech™

As the world leader in light and sustainable construction, Saint-Gobain, have affirmed their commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2050 with the introduction of additional products and carbon neutral manufacturing plants around the world.

The latest product to be eco-innovated is their trusted and original, Gyproc RhinoBoard® plasterboard, that is now manufactured using EcoTech™, which allows the board to not only be easier to handle, but also easier to install.

‘EcoTech™ is our enhanced engineering technology that provides an exceptional performance-to-weight ratio, achieving a higher caliber of performance and sustainability, while elevating the standard for plasterboard in the market,’ explains Anton Marais, Head of Product (Gyproc).

In recent years dry construction has come to the fore as a promising alternative to regular brick and mortar construction. “Dry construction consumes approximately 95% less water than masonry construction and is made from environmentally friendly recyclable materials.  With an installation speed 3 to 4 times faster, and 8 to 10 times lighter than masonry construction, along with its aesthetic appeal of a seamless, crack free surface, dry construction is gaining momentum as a favored alternative,” says Marais.

The standard range of RhinoBoard® plasterboards, now with EcoTech™, are produced with a 10%* reduction in carbon emissions and an 8%* reduction in water use. The boards are produced efficiently using 8% less virgin raw materials and yet deliver the same trusted breaking strength of original RhinoBoard plasterboard. The new technology has also allowed for efficient usability, as the board is now easier to cut, snap and fix, allows you to transport more square meters per load, and offers improved handling and installation onsite.

Saint-Gobain cares about building better for people and the planet, by offering solutions that deliver sustainability and performance to drive the transformation of construction markets. These initiatives are just the beginning of Saint-Gobain’s journey towards Net-Zero, with ongoing and deliberate efforts to ensure sustainability targets are achieved.

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