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IoTecha Introduces IoT.ON EDGE™ Controller at Distributech

Will Enable Advanced Features and Energy Management for any EV Infrastructure

IoTecha, a global supplier of innovative products and services for the Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure, announces a new addition to IoTecha’s end-to-end EV Charging offering – IoT.ON Edge™.  To be introduced this week at Distributech International (May 23-25, Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, Dallas, Booth 2045), IoT.ON Edge is designed to serve as a site controller that brings Smart Charging and Grid Integration functions to the edge of the power grid. IoT.ON Edge™ brings the Topology-Aware energy and load management approach pioneered by IoTecha to the next level by enabling seamless integration with existing and new third-party energy resources and consumers. 

When implementing any charging destination, facility managers need to prepare for the impact it will have on their power needs, both overall and for each individual charging station. It can become extremely challenging to manage the increase in energy requirements, as well as the ongoing costs and variable energy flows to and from the chargers.  Integrating and managing it as part of a larger facility’s pre-existing electrical network also brings complexity.

Topology-Aware energy management allows the integration of the charging infrastructure with the facility’s electrical network to monitor, control, and optimize the flows of energy between different devices and multiple energy ‘actors’ (such as meters, solar panels, and battery storage). By using a simple interface, customers can create a representation of their topology and implement sophisticated and customized energy management controls without having to program devices or be on site. This allows detailed monitoring and orchestration of energy flows that can easily be tailored and modified for their evolving needs.

“IoTecha’s goal is the acceleration of transportation electrification,” said Oleg Logvinov, CEO of IoTecha. “The realization of our vision is not possible without a constant push to lower the Total Cost of Ownership of the charging infrastructure. IoT.ON Edge™ simplifies brownfield integration, brings intelligence to the edge of the grid and/or site, and improves the speed of reaction while preserving all unique features of Topology-Aware energy management.”

IoT.ON Edge™ leverages the same platform that powers EV chargers built by IoTecha and as a result offers the same monitoring and control, firmware update, and remote troubleshooting functions that are available for EV chargers through IoT.ON™ Cloud Services. IoT.ON Edge™ is an easy and affordable solution for infrastructure managers looking to lower their total cost of ownership that provides:

●      Easy orchestration of vehicle-to-grid integration and energy flow between power sources and EVs based on charging needs and available energy

●      Bi-directional power flow and schedule optimization, which ensures maximum charging when energy prices are lower and maximized savings when discharging

●      Local processing, which drastically decreases the response time, minimizes the amount and type of data sent to the cloud, and maintains optimal up times

●      Broad variety of computer and hardware interfaces to connect and integrate with local energy infrastructure and third-party energy devices

●      Remote management, diagnostics, troubleshooting and provisioning

●      Optimization algorithms customizable to customer needs and priorities

Vincent Weyl, SVP of Growth at IoTecha, says: “Utilities and charging infrastructure providers across the globe are pondering how to best cope with the increased energy demand and how to best harness the grid benefits of these distributed energy resources. By making our IoT.ON Edge™ controller accessible to all, we are enabling a powerful, convenient, and cost-effective charging experience for EV drivers, fleet operators, and site owners, while removing the friction points that come with the cost and complexity of deployment and oversight.” 

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