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Just Energy Transition kicks off with support from Mpumalanga schools and stakeholders

Key energy stakeholders, local government representatives and partners gathered today in the small town of Pullenshop, in Mpumalanga, to kick off the wind industry’s inaugural experiential renewable energy conversation across local schools in this Province. In support of the country’s transition to clean energy, Eskom has come alongside as a partner of this initiative, standing beside the South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) in acknowledgement of its shared interest in the Just Energy Transition.

“Given our common interest in supporting the Just Energy Transition and its particular focus on the Mpumalanga Province, Eskom has joined as an official campaign partner.  In fact, the majority of the schools that are being visited were recommended by Eskom, in line with their Socio-Economic Development strategic objectives,” said Niveshen Govender, CEO of SAWEA, who headed the delegation that included the Project Administrator of the Mpumalanga Green Cluster Agency, Celeste Dias; the Danish Ambassador, Mr. Tobias Elling Rehfeld; together with Anari van Greuning, acting General Manager at Eskom’s Hendrina Power Station.

“Whilst this region is yet to build its first wind farm, it plays a critical role in the country’s energy generation as the current hub for change.  As the region prepares for its continued role in electricity generation, now poised as a green energy producer, the Just Energy Transition is critical to ensure all stakeholders are engaged in this process, to ensure that the many benefits are brought to the citizens of Mpumalanga,” added Govender.

The much-loved yellow edu-tainer was welcomed at Laerskool Kragveld in the morning, before journeying on to Kwazamokuhle Secondary School, in Hendrina, Middelburg.  During the course of the week, over 3 000 school learners will be visited by the Mpumalanga EnergyDRIVE, which is has been funded by two key wind industry players, namely Enertrag, and Windlab.  It will travel across eight different communities, to teach and demonstrate the benefits of renewable energy technologies.

The EnergyDRIVE is designed to be interactive, enticing and educational.  It features a solar roof structure, biogas digester, photovoltaic panel display unit as well as a solar hot water display unit. The walls of the container are made up of a battery bank, photovoltaic components, a TV and display cupboards, making it an inspirational and experiential teaching aid.


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The mobility of this unit makes it ideal to reach remote schools and communities making it an inspirational and experiential teaching aid to share information about various renewable energy technologies. This allows learners to access information about these technologies and the associated opportunities.

“The container features attractive interactive demonstration models, which assist with understanding a range of renewable technologies, raises awareness of renewable power resources as well as addressing the important issues associated with climate change, bringing home the impact of environmental concerns that plague our country and the rest of the world,” concluded Govender.

Sponsors of the Mpumalanga EnergyDRIVE include: Enertrag, Windlab, The Danish Energy Agency, GreenCape, and SANEDI, with Eskom as the key partner.

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