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Launch of global solar supplier UNIPASSION provides great solutions for big business

The impact of load-shedding on the individual has been immense, but the cost to big business has seen a massive shift to off-the-grid energy solutions. Recent reports indicate that the elevated levels of load-shedding in 2023 have cost the economy R1.6 trillion in lost economic activity. The launch of global solar supplier UNIPASSION is set to shift this trajectory, with big businesses about to benefit from the expertise and quality products of this internationally renowned company.

UNIPASSION is a subsidiary of the Coxon Group, Zhongli Taiwan, and a forefront provider of sustainable energy solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Established in 1989, Coxon was publicly listed in 2008, growing with a presence in up to 80 countries. This launch marks a pivotal moment in the company’s global footprint in South Africa, through its arm UNIPASSION.

The company has worked extensively with Sony, Samsung, Nissan, Toyota, Canon, Apple, Fujitsu, Kyocera, Sharp, and Panasonic. With expansion into South Africa, UNIPASSION’s vision is to bring high-end technologies to South African businesses and households to alleviate the present energy crisis.

“At UNIPASSION, we are thrilled to bring our expertise and passion for sustainable energy to South Africa. Our expansion into this vibrant and dynamic market reflects our commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of all South Africans. We are excited to introduce our comprehensive range of products, sustainable energy solutions, installations, projects and services, which will empower South African households and businesses to embrace energy independence, while contributing to a cleaner, greener future,” said David Fan, Director, UNIPASSION South Africa.

He added that the company was eager to assist with the distribution of high-quality products through their partnership programmes, helping to grow the sector’s supplier base and national reach. In doing so, Fan said UNIPASSION would assist in alleviating product shortages and accessibility to the technology, with quality assurance. The company also provides significant opportunities for local solar contractors who are looking to enhance their offerings and expand their brand with a UNIPASSION partnership.

“We specialise in the development of advanced system solutions. With strengths in product design, research and development, as well as project management. The Coxon Group is widely known for its advanced engineering plastic moulding and manufacturing capabilities and is as a leading provider of exceptional technological expertise and production management capabilities, especially in the renewable energy sector. We are very excited to bring this affordable technology to South Africa, through UNIPASSION,” said Fan.

The launch in South Africa this year represents a strategic move for UNIPASSION, as the company continues to make a positive impact on communities worldwide by offering innovative and eco-friendly energy solutions. With a proven track record of success and a commitment to excellence, UNIPASSION is well-positioned to address the energy needs of South African businesses and households, while contributing to the country’s sustainable development goals.

For more information about UNIPASSION and its sustainable energy solutions, please visit or to find out more about its global presence, visit  Email or +27 (0) 765 374 712. Follow UNIPASSION on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube

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