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Leafline Sanitary Wear: Pioneering Affordable and Biodegradable Solutions to Alleviate Environmental Impact

Leafline Sanitary Wear, a green company founded by environmental activist and entrepreneur, Candy Androliakos, is making waves in the industry with its innovative approach to addressing both the environmental impact and affordability concerns associated with sanitary products. Leafline specializes in manufacturing affordable and biodegradable sanitary products, including reusable nappies, chair and bed protectors made from natural fibers, offering a sustainable alternative to disposable options.

The inspiration for Leafline came when Candy Androliakos recognized a pressing need for a more cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to dealing with adult incontinence. Retired individuals, on limited budgets, were struggling to afford costly disposable nappies, which not only added to their financial strain but also contributed to landfill concerns and bacterial problems when improperly disposed of.

In response to this pressing issue, Leafline embarked on a journey to discover an eco-conscious alternative. The breakthrough came when they stumbled upon an advertisement showcasing different uses for pulp fiber. Seeing the potential in this natural fiber, the team at Leafline ingeniously designed it to fit into the inner layers of their washable products.

Thorough testing revealed that the pineapple leaf fiber used by Leafline was not only cost-effective but also free from bacteria, making it an ideal choice for environmentally sustainable and hypoallergenic sanitary wear. This discovery led to the development of reusable chair and bed protectors, providing additional benefits for both the elderly and the environment.

Candy Androliakos, the founder and director of Leafline, has been a driving force behind this transformative venture. Combining her background as a beauty therapist, philanthropist, and social

entrepreneur, she has been passionately advocating for the dignity of those facing incontinence challenges. Candy’s commitment to ethical and humane treatment for the elderly, sustainable social entrepreneurship, and the empowerment of differently-abled individuals through skills development and training, sets Leafline apart as a true force for positive change.

Since its establishment in 2018, Leafline has earned recognition and accolades for its pioneering contributions to the industry. The company was honored with The Innovation Hub Award in 2018 and was acknowledged by the SABF Foundation Awards for Disabilities in 2020, a testament to

their dedication and impact on society. Leafline not only seeks to offer sustainable and affordable products but also strives to foster social responsibility. By employing differently-abled members of the community in their manufacturing factory, Leafline is creating meaningful work opportunities and promoting inclusivity.

As the call for environmentally friendly and economically viable alternatives grows louder, Leafline continues to be at the forefront of innovation, providing a greener and more compassionate approach to sanitary wear.