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MESA Africa Summit Unveils Visionaries and Solutions: A Glimpse into the Future of Manufacturing and Technology

The MESA Africa 2023 Summit kicked off at Kloofzicht Lodge & Spa – Kloofzicht Lodge & Spa, Johannesburg with resounding success, presenting an exceptional array of thought leaders who illuminated the path forward for the manufacturing and technology industries.

This incredible feat was made possible, with the phenomenal support of fantastic sponsors including Schneider Electric, Iritron Pty Ltd, Pragma Global, 4Sight, MESA International, SAIMC, Montgomery Group and Ki Leadership Institute Pty Ltd.

Dr. Ananth Seshan, Board Member of MESA International, flew in from Canada to share transformative insights into the journey of small and medium manufacturers (SMMs) navigating smart manufacturing. His eloquent address underscored the importance of garnering buy-in from both management and employees, highlighting successful smart manufacturing pilots through industry-agnostic collaborations.

Seshan’s groundbreaking hypothesis on the differing challenges in low-to-mid-income economies ignited discussions on a collaborative “SM Strategic Group for SMMs.” This proposal aims to unite economies, share insights, and collectively address funding, digital transformation, secure value chains, and workforce development—a powerful call to reshape the global landscape of smart manufacturing for smaller enterprises.

Gerhard Greeff, Divisional Manager at Iritron, focused on “The Impact of Computer Engineering as Defined Engineering Work,” outlining the objectives of the Institute of Engineering Work (IoEW) to ensure accountability and regulate computer engineering activities.

Jaco Markwat’s impactful talk, “Don’t get lost in the cloud; future proof your architecture and operations,” sheds light on Element 8’s dedication to community and industry service. Focused on collaborative learning, the address provides scalable, intuitive solutions for a data-driven future, tackling challenges in data management evolution. Follow #Sparkplug8 and #MQTT for updates.

Pekka Pihlajasaari, a luminary in digital transformation, explored the evolving landscape where machine learning transcends expert domains, providing attendees with insights into the dynamic intersection of machine learning and industry.

Charl Marais, OT Digital Transformation BU Manager at Blue SP/4Sight, led a dynamic session on Pit-to-Port Value Chain Optimization in the mining sector, advocating for efficiency and unified approaches to ensure sustainable success.

Dr. Mike Ntokozo Sishi, Information Technology Manager at Rand Refinery, shared insights on “Digital Transformation of Industrial Organizations,” offering transformative approaches for businesses to optimize processes and enhance performance.

Dr. Arthie Moore-Robberts, CEO/Director of Ki Leadership Institute, championed strategies to accelerate generational disruption in the manufacturing industry, emphasizing digital transformation and proactive strategies for success.

Yanesh Naidoo, Innovations Director at Jendamark, challenged conventional thinking with “Why MES has to be changed/rethought for Discrete Manufacturing,” introducing a software-defined paradigm to foster adaptability, upgradability, and connectivity.

The MESA Africa Summit exemplified a convergence of visionary leadership and transformative solutions, leaving an indelible mark on the trajectory of manufacturing and technology. The shared insights promise to shape a future of innovation, resilience, and success for industries globally.