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Nuclear by Karyn Maughan & Kirsten Pearson: Inside South Africa’s Secret Deal

‘A true story of power, paranoia and patriotism.’ – Mandy Wiener

Shortly after Zuma received treatment in Moscow for alleged poisoning, he signed off on a massive, far-reaching – and unlawful – nuclear power deal with Russia. Had this gone through, it would have devastated the South African economy.

Award-winning investigative journalist Karyn Maughan and former National Treasury insider Kirsten Pearson reveal the full story for the first time. Through insider accounts, audio recordings and confidential minutes of Eskom board meetings, the authors piece together the Zuma administration’s secret dealings with Russia.

Uncovering the extraordinary lengths it went to in trying to conclude the deal before Zuma’s time in office ran out. They detail South Africa’s potential nuclear alliance with Russia, built on illegality, secrecy and misrepresentation, and Zuma’s belief that President Putin rescued him from poisoning by American spies. The nuclear dream may have been thwarted for now, but South Africa’s nuclear ambitions are still very much alive…

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