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As the world gears up to celebrate International Day of Action for Rivers on 14 March, World Water Day on 22 March and National Water Week from 20-26 March 2024 Plastics SA, along with its industry partners, reaffirms its commitment to preserving the nation’s water sources and keeping them clean and litter-free.

“Water is a precious resource, essential for all life forms, and South Africa’s rivers and oceans are invaluable assets that must be protected. However, despite ongoing efforts, 80 % of litter that ends up in these water bodies originates inland. Recognising this pressing issue, Plastics SA and our industry partners are doubling down on our initiatives to combat litter pollution and promote environmental stewardship,” says Douw Steyn, Sustainability Director at Plastics SA.
Through continuous education and awareness campaigns held throughout the year, Plastics SA aims to instil a sense of responsibility and ownership among South Africans towards their natural environment. These efforts are not limited to mere advocacy, but also include tangible actions aimed at cleaning up and protecting our rivers and oceans.

“We have various projects that we support and collaborate with partners, such as the Inkwazi Isu River Catchment Project in Durban, with a focus on waste management and recycling, education and awareness, clean-ups, innovation and technology, and other river catchment projects supporting litterbooms and various beach and river clean-ups. We recognise that we cannot do this alone and that forming partnerships with communities and teams dedicated to environmental conservation is crucial”, Steyn explains.
Plastics SA supports teams and clean-up initiatives by providing essential equipment needed to keep these clean-up teams safe and allow them to do their jobs better. This includes 700 0000 clean-up bags, as well as spades, overalls, gloves, rakes, and gumboots necessary to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the clean-up efforts.
“Preserving the integrity of our water sources is a shared responsibility, and Plastics SA is fully committed to playing its part in this crucial endeavour,” Steyn says. By collaborating with our industry partners and engaging with communities across South Africa, we aim to make a tangible difference in the fight against litter pollution and the protection of our rivers and oceans.”
Plastics SA invites individuals, organisations, and communities to join hands in observance of the International Day of Action for Rivers, World Water Day, and National Water Week. Together, let us renew our commitment to safeguarding our water resources for present and future generations.