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Plethora of Energy Insights at AEI

The Africa Energy Indaba is set to host an energy theatre programme at the Cape Town International Convention Center (CTICC) consisting of various workshops open to the public. The workshops will consist of lectures focused on briefing the attendees regarding the potential for growth within Africa’s solar energy sector as a possible market for investment by entrepreneurs and international organisations.

Sessions are set to discuss the rising costs of fossil fuels and non-renewable energy sources across Africa, which have created a burden on the collective economies of the African continent as the development of requisite infrastructures for the delivery of non-renewable energy sources such as coal and fossil fuels is expensive and time-consuming. Furthermore, the lack of infrastructure in remote and rural regions of the African continent has inspired a revolution towards the large-scale adoption of clean and renewable energy sources such as hydro and solar energy by the African people.

The workshops shall present an overview of the increasing challenges being faced by the African continent in view of the growing rate of climate change and its adverse effects on agriculture, industry and commerce in Africa. The availability of easily accessible solar energy systems to the African population will be discussed as a highly beneficial step for the overall growth of the African industries.

Turnkey Solar Solutions is to host a workshop that will underpin the joint efforts of the African nations in developing innovative ways to establish clean energy systems, especially in remote locations where alternative energy means are scarce. A case study will be presented related to a community school that has fulfilled up to 70% of its energy needs by the use of solar energy systems which have helped cut electricity costs by half. Other such installations of solar energy infrastructures across the African continent for the benefit of the community at schools, hospitals, residences and community centers will also be discussed which have helped revolutionise the lifestyle of the African people without adding undue financial burdens on the population.

A unique session will be based on the initiation of the development of the African Special Economic Zone, which will provide incentives for investment in the energy sector for national and international organisations with a special interest in the green industry development. Entrepreneurship in the renewable energy sector has proved to be the most rewarding venture for many small firms and businesses and local communities are merging to bring solar energy systems to their homes and small businesses. The operational costs of developing and running industries across the African continent shall be unpacked, which are expected to be halved through the adoption of clean energy initiatives.

The workshop will include an overview of the solar renewable energy sector in Africa, which has grown from total of 18% market share in 2016 to approximately 35% market share in 2018. This rapid growth has been possible due to the development of innovative small-scale mobile technologies that have assisted in bringing solar energy systems to rural and remote communities in Africa, thereby empowering them to participate in trade and commerce on a larger scale due to access to computer systems, mobile devices and communication systems all being powered by renewable energy systems in areas where traditional energy infrastructures are difficult and highly costly to develop.

Access to the Workshops is free and visitors keen to attend, need only to register at the exhibition entrance and are welcome to attend the Workshops.

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