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Renowned architect creates luxury development on South Coast and calls it home

Nestled along the KwaZulu Natal South Coast in Shelly Beach is Bahari Bay, a well-established eco-estate that a renowned local architect is soon to call home. Leading the venture of the exclusive development, referred to as ‘The Executive’, is Vinodh Bridglall – a distinguished architect and project manager with over three decades of experience. Founder of VHB Associates, renowned for their innovative designs, has set his sights on Bahari Bay, and in addition to designing The Executive, Bridglall is building his own home at Bahari Bay. Bahari Bay offers the ultimate luxurious coastal lifestyle, boasting contemporary homes that embrace green principles and self-sustainability.

Captivated by the tranquil ambiance and natural splendour of Bahari Bay during his first visit, Bridglall was inspired to build his own home here. “The first time I visited Bahari Bay I was amazed. I was transported to a place outside of Port Shepstone surrounded by animals, indigenous trees, and exquisite fauna. The estate is also secure, and you have to follow specific guidelines to ensure that the look and feel of units remain the same throughout. I was genuinely taken aback by the experience to the point that I decided I wanted to build and create something special within this estate,” Bridglall explains. Besides designing and building his own home at Bahari Bay, Bridglall also had a vision to create an exclusive development within the Bahari Bay estate, and is developing The Executive, consisting of 14 exclusive double plots totalling roughly between 1 600 m2 to 2 000m2 per double plot of which only 4 are still available.”

According to Gawie Venter, Developer of Bahari Bay, the estate encompasses over 50 hectares of untouched nature within its sprawling 100-hectare grounds, offering residents an array of outdoor pursuits including scenic walking trails, hiking trails, and a specially curated mountain biking trail. Additionally, Bahari Bay features seven picturesque catch-and-release dams, enhancing its appeal as a sanctuary for nature lovers, while also offering direct private beach access – making it an idyllic retreat for residents seeking tranquillity amidst nature.

Inspired by the panoramic sea views and expansive natural surroundings, Bridglall envisioned an enclave of executive residences. “We’ve taken 28 stands each about 800m2 to 1000m2 and made them into 14 stands each about 1 600m2 to 2 000m2 to sell for this project. I’m also currently developing a home here for myself, which I’ve designed to live in. My initial inclination was to head north, erect a building there and relocate in that direction. However, I realised that rather than physically moving, I could bring the essence of the north coast to the south coast, right here where I have deep connections within the local community and flourishing businesses.”

According to Bridglall when it came to designing his own residence, he intentionally selected what some might consider the most difficult site due to its sloping nature, “I opted for a plot with challenging terrain. However, this choice was deliberate as it afforded me the opportunity to capture the expansive sea view while maintaining privacy and exclusivity. To accommodate the terrain, I incorporated a basement level into the design, featuring four parking bays and utility spaces, including those for the swimming pool, air conditioning, and gas tanks, as well as a staff room.”

Bridglall added, “I seamlessly integrated the living spaces onto one level, featuring full glass frontage with pocket doors to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living. This space includes a scullery kitchen, dining room, lounge, and entertainment area with a home theatre. Upstairs, the bedrooms afford stunning sea views, completing this harmonious design.”

Highlighting the architectural style of The Executive residences, Bridglall emphasised a minimalist yet earthy feel explaining, “This is characterised by straight lines, concrete slabs, and roof gardens, to completely blend in with the natural environment. We’ve also incorporated sustainable elements to the design such as low-E glazing and cantilevers to optimise energy efficiency and enhance the living experience.”

With only four double plots roughly 2 000m2 each still available at The Executive priced at R2,060,000 each, Bahari Bay presents a compelling investment opportunity for discerning buyers. Positioned to become the premier destination on the South Coast, Bahari Bay offers an unparalleled lifestyle amidst unspoiled natural beauty. As Bridglall succinctly puts it, “Bahari Bay is the best place to be. This is going to be the next gem on the South Coast and the value that one finds in this area far surpasses that of the North Coast offerings.”

Whether you’re looking to buy land or would prefer to opt for one of Bahari Bay’s spacious and modern homes, Bahari Bay is the perfect place for those who want to embrace an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. Visit for more information.