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REVOV: Revolution in energy reliability

REVOV’s lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are ideal energy storage systems for residential, commercial and industrial use. REVOV’s EV cells have lower impedance, more energy, and longer life cycles, enabling better energy storage, reduced losses, and prolonged usage. Plus, they’re ultra-safe and durable. These top-tier cells meet rigorous standards for performance, safety, and durability.

Charge from the grid to ensure a reliable supply of backup power during outages – or charge from a solar, wind or hybrid installation, for fully off-grid power.

We proudly provide a 6000 cycles/10-year warranty for all our batteries, ensuring a decade of dependable performance, reliability, and safety.

These batteries are not only top-tier in these aspects but also stand out for their compact size, lightweight design, and effortless installation.

REVOV not only contributes to cleaner energy but also aligns with the global movement for a healthier planet, as the only EV battery in Africa. In the evolving landscape of technology and environmental awareness, the superiority of EV batteries, exemplified by REVOV, plays a pivotal role in the shift towards a more sustainable energy paradigm.


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