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RUN BLUE campaign for water arrives in South Africa “Water is everyone’s business”

Please join us for a press briefing where international water activist and CEO Mina Guli will share her experiences of the water crisis across the globe and provide insight on what South Africa can do to solve its water problems.

Date:                26 July 2022

Time:                09:30 for 10:00

Venue:             Quatermain Hotel, Sandton, 60 W Rd Suid, Morningside, Johannesburg, 2196

International water activist and ultra-marathon runner Mina Guli will be completing the Africa leg of her journey in South Africa.

The global RUN BLUE campaign  aims to inspire real action on water by:

·          Raising awareness of water crises and solutions by Mina Guli – a globally renowned water activist – running 200 marathons in 1 year;

·          Building a water movement of 200 million people across the world;

·          Inspiring 200 companies to take real action on water; and,

·          Driving real progress on SDG6 by influencing the UN Water Summit in 2023 – the first global summit on water for 50 years.  

Over the last six years, Guli has run thousands of kilometres across some of the harshest places in the world. She runs to raise awareness of the water crisis, to show the urgency of the problem we are facing and to drive action from people around the world.

Guli is in South Africa to run 7 marathons in Johannesburg and Cape Town to raise awareness of South Africa’s water issues and to share her experiences and solutions from around the world. This is in preparation for her UN Water Conference in March 2023

“​​I have seen this water crisis for myself, and I want the world to see it. But not only to see it, but to take action to solve it,” says Mina Guli.

“The United Nations Conference on Water in 2023 gives us an opportunity to do that. To lift up your voices, to put water on the agenda and to drive concrete action on water from companies, governments and people everywhere,” says Guli.


·          Dominique Pienaar, Thirst  Foundation: or

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