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Samantha Hogg-Brandjes: CEO at GinjaNinja

Reaching this milestone is seen as a coming of age, but in business, I think it is a sign of resilience, grit, determination, skill, and an undeniable passion.

21 Years ago, headed by myself, the founder and owner, I wanted to take my unique approach to PR and bottle it. There was room for a quirky, creative, off-centre, honest business with irrefutable delivery. A business that showed it cared and went the extra mile and, every so often, pushed the boundaries in terms of creativity and strategic intent.  Understanding the businesses we work with is still a part of our recipe to continued success and we have loved delving deep, getting under the skin of the brands we represent and relentlessly chasing exposure, awareness and education.

I am very proud to be celebrating GinjaNinja’s 21st Birthday.  Looking back over the years we have overcome so many challenges, as small businesses do, yet we continue to deliver fantastic services to its clients while evolving as the market demands more from communications and marketing.

PR has come a long way, no longer just about a press release or a media interview. The subtlety of the story telling is a vital part of the overall marketing mix, often setting the scene while other tools are used to drill down and push harder.

Digital has understandably rocked everyone’s world and as a tool in business, it is crucial.  What social media gains from PR is the art of the story, using it in a variety of ways to ensure the message is delivered as powerfully as possible.

Content is not just words; in our world, it is stories, values, expertise, opinions, case studies, referrals, tech-know-how, advice, points of view, wisdom, knowledge and so much more. PR is the conversation a brand has with all its conduits, the media being only one of many.

GinjaNinja is proud to be at the helm of so many of these technology stories. Some have massively rocked their industry while others have quietly and powerfully gained market share. No matter which way a business wants to thrive, a ninja is there to drive the process using passion, powers of persuasion, courage, and competence.

Nothing builds and sustains growth in a business better than a good offering with the right people to drive it forward.  I thank all my clients for your belief in me and GinjaNinja and hope to be celebrating many more birthdays with you at my side.

21 is f’n awesome! Please send us a note, raise a glass, or eat a choc on us. We are GinjaNinja and f’n proud.