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SAPVIA launches NERSA registration data portal

SAPVIA has begun to track the uptake of embedded generation for different technologies.

“As a start, we are tracking the NERSA registered projects. We’ve already observed exponential growth in the registration of generation facilities. We anticipate that amendments to Schedule 2 of the ERA will further catalyse deployment of RE technologies,” says Dr Rethabile Melamu, CEO of SAPVIA.

“We are proud to publish a link to the data portal for your interaction.”

Some highlights from the data portal are:

•             Solar PV dominates the embedded generation market, with a 78% share for all registered projects, with the highest concentration in the Northern Cape, Free State and the North West province.

•             1 MW licence threshold exemption has been catalytic: Registered projects from August 2021 stands at 547 projects and have a combined capacity of 2839 MW. 

•             Removal of licencing threshold unlocks 100 MW private projects: Since December 2022, 5 renewable energy plants that are larger than 100MW were registered. Three of those, all Solar PV technologies, amount to 552 MW were registered in February 2023. The largest of which is 283 MW plant. 

The data portal access link is Please send any comments, queries or recommendations regarding the portal and data contained therein to