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SAPVIA welcomes Eskom Board: a new horizon for the widespread deployment of solar PV

The South African Photovoltaic Industry Association welcomes the appointment of the new Board of Directors of Eskom.

The new Board faces the mammoth task of dealing with the current energy challenges and securing the future of an inclusive and sustainable energy supply, for the country. Eskom’s new leadership showcases the diverse expertise of experienced engineers, especially in renewable energy. As the representative body for the South African solar community, we stand ready for the widespread deployment of renewable energy. We encourage the new board to prioritise transmission and connection capacity constraints, to enable the increased rapid uptake of renewable energy onto the grid.

Welcoming the news, SAPVIA CEO Dr Rethabile Melamu says: “Solar PV technology can alleviate the pressure of the current energy security challenges as it can contribute to generation capacity and be connected to the grid timeously and across all scales. The new Board should therefore incentivise the adoption of household solar systems to ease demand from the utility. We also encourage the Board to work alongside industry stakeholders for the speedy roll-out of utility scale projects.”

We avail ourselves as the representative body for the solar PV industry, to assist in the transition of a new energy paradigm.


In Green Economy Journal Issue 53, we speak to SAPVIA’s CEO and get to know this great catalyst of power.