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SAWEA announces 7th Annual WindAc Africa Conference; calls for abstracts from academic community

The South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) is gearing up for its 7th Annual WindAc Africa Conference, to be held alongside Africa’s premier wind energy event, the Windaba Conference and Exhibition from 1 to 3 October 2024 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC).

WindAc Africa 2024 is an engagement platform for the academic community and student delegates to explore pivotal facets of wind energy advancement. With a vision to establish itself as Africa’s premier academic wind conference, WindAc Africa aims to be the leading platform for advancing wind energy knowledge and nurturing future leaders in the field. 

This year, WindAc Africa seeks to provide exceptional opportunities for outstanding wind energy students from Southern African research institutions through its leadership sponsorship programme. By amplifying awareness of wind power supply across Africa and globally, WindAc Africa endeavours to strengthen collaboration between African universities and the wind industry.

The conference serves as a catalyst for students to pursue academic paths aligned with wind energy, offering a vibrant platform for networking with peers and industry luminaries. 

As a hub of insights aimed at fostering innovation and driving forward-thinking solutions to challenges facing the wind energy sector, discussions at WindAc Africa will delve into numerous topics within the evolving energy landscape.

These topics will range from grid capacity, policy and regulatory framework that will drive clean energy transitions, to wind technology innovation. Delving deeper, the conference will scrutinise wind energy’s role in the burgeoning African market, its potential for socio-economic growth, and strategies to ensure energy security. 

Moreover, attention will be directed towards confronting challenges hindering the rapid deployment of wind energy, addressing pertinent industry issues, including logistical and project development hurdles. 

Special emphasis will be placed on the localisation of wind energy endeavours and how to navigate the burgeoning realm of offshore wind in South Africa, while also addressing the social and environmental impacts inherent in wind energy initiatives. 

A significant part of the conference is the submission of academic abstracts. Researchers and academics in the renewable energy space are invited to submit these for consideration no later than 8 May 2024, with full paper submissions due by 25 July 2024. 

Through collaborative discourse and knowledge exchange, WindAc Africa 2024 aims to chart a path towards a sustainable, inclusive and resilient wind energy future for the African continent and beyond.

For more information on submission guidelines and conference details, please visit the SAWEA website: